Blue Sapphire Stone Meaning

Blue sapphire stone meaning has often been associated with a lot of positive things. It was a favorite stone of royalties, adorning various royal and historical artifacts around the world. It even appears in various religious and sacred scripts in various religions and cultures, from Hebrew to Hindu and Christianity.

Among various blue gemstones in the world, blue sapphire is probably one of the most famous ones.  A brilliant blue gemstone with hardness that comes second after diamond.

The brilliant blue ray that comes from a well-polished sapphire is a great good luck charm, bringing positive energy to help you in seeing the unseen and exploring your inner wisdom. This makes sapphire one of the most favorite charms for those who work within laws but they are afraid of being betrayed, or those want to protect themselves from bad lucks and ill intentions.


blue sapphire stone meaning
blue sapphire stone

Blue Sapphire Stone Meaning for Health

 Blue Sapphire stone meaning has great quality to calm inner spirit and reduce anxiety, and it is thus great for people suffering from neurosis and anxiety attacks; these conditions have been known to reduce body immune and create additional health problems such as flu, insomnia and body immune related diseases. Blue sapphire is also a great stone to combat stress and bad effects that come from it. If you often experience mental tension before facing challenges, sapphire will help you calm down.

Furthermore, old traditions often applied elixir mixed with sapphire to reduce seasonal diseases, thanks to beliefs about its purity. Sapphire is also a stone to protect self against eye and ear related diseases, as well as reducing fever. It is famous as the stone of knowledge; thus, blue sapphire is believed as the best cure for dementia and degenerative diseases.


Blue Sapphire Stone Meaning for Mental Condition

Many people are not able to come out of grief and become emotionally shut down. Blue sapphire stone meaning is ‘eye opening,’ helping people reducing inner onslaught and trauma and come face to face with their fears. This is a great stone to hold when you experience something that let you in great grief; the balancing and wisdom related power within blue sapphire will help you feel grounded, more accepting, calmer and be able to increase your inner wisdom about difficult situations.


Blue Sapphire Stone Meaning in Spirituality

 Well known as the stone of wisdom as well as hope, acceptance and knowledge, blue sapphire stone meaning in spirituality is the opener of inner wisdom and relation between your spirit and divine power around you. Whatever your belief is, blue sapphire is always believed as a stone that can increase spiritual feeling and even invoke deeper intuition within you.

Related to its meaning in wisdom and knowledge, blue sapphire also helps you to being able to see the deepest things in various situations, even the bad ones, and helping you in finding lessons as well as infinite wisdom from all that happened. This will finally lead you to become a calmer, wiser and more accepting person, which is not easily swayed with emotionally draining or even stressful situations.

Sapphire in Greek called sappheiros, meanwhile in Hindi and Urdu know as Neelam  meaning Blue Stone.

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