Blue Topaz Meaning -The Most Popular Healing Crystal

Blue Topaz Meaning
Blue Topaz Meaning

Blue Topaz meaning is healing, love, and relationship. It’s a spiritual stone that brings many metaphysical properties. Most blue stones symbolize the” God Power”.

The spiritual meaning of the blue topaz stone will bring much good for the mentally and physically. This blue crystal with metaphysical properties will destroy all badness.

There are many kinds of blue Topaz, all in blue shade. Most people do not realize that the blue topaz has many variations.

This stone has various names such as Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and London Blue Topaz. All colors variation is considered blue topaz.

Sky Blue is the color most gentle and London Blue topaz is the darkest color. Most people prefer Swiss blue topaz because the color is brighter and looks more graceful.

Blue Topaz Crystal Healing

Blue Topaz has healing properties that can help repair the digestive tract and fight against anorexia. For those who have problems in the sense of taste, sore throat, and headache, very recommended using a blue topaz necklace.

Blue topaz is also very helpful for those who often feel nervous, especially when dealing with a boss or speaking in public.

This crystal will distribute its energy to calm and control the mind of the wearer. It’s suggested to use as a ring.


Blue topaz symbolizes the blue of the sky, which has the meaning of the relationship between man and his creator.

This stone is very well used if we have a relationship problem, especially in relationships with family, spouses, and friends.  Suggest wearing at least 1 stone in use on parts of the body.

Blue Topaz gemstone meaning also helps us look at the aspects of life in balance so that we can distinguish between positive and negative things appropriately.

Blue Topaz Birthstone Meaning

In the modern version, Blue topaz is the birthstone of December. The meaning blue topaz symbolizes fidelity, eternal love, and mutual understanding.

Blue topaz stone is a gemstone that is very important in the life of lovers; these stones make them roll life in harmony until the end. We suggest wearing Swiss blue topaz as a ring is better.

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