Blue Tourmaline Meaning

blue Tourmaline meaning

In metaphysical world, the blue tourmaline meaning is deeper beyond most people may think. This beautiful crystal can evoke tranquility of the deep blue water and glide beneath the surface.

It’s the right choice of tourmaline stone to help free the mind and release the emotional bond to allow you to explore higher spiritual connection and consciousness.

In the meantime, it can also increase one’s ability to speak honest and clear communication while lending the courage to have true speak from heart.

It helps a person to adapt within an environment especially when more tolerance and open mind required. This way, a person can accept more differences, weakness and can embrace the love for ethics, truth and humanity.

Also known as Indicolite, it forms the exquisite shade of dark to light blue and with tint of turquoise.

Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) is variation of Tourmaline stone. This stone is quite well-known for the color that resembles a blue sapphire.

Many people called it as Srilanka sapphire because many are found there.

blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline Origins

Where can this beautiful tourmaline be found? Visit several countries like Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka or Brazil and you will find this crystal.

Indeed, it comes in wide variety of color shades that include the crystal clear blue color making it so beautiful.

Unlike other tourmaline stones that are easy to find, this blue crystal is rarer that even you may have to wait for some time to get it.

There are also the greenish blue tourmaline available. These attractive crystals are usually sold in jewelry like rings, necklaces, pendants and more else.

Chakra Healing

Which chakra that works with this crystal? It’s the Third Eye and Throat Chakra that is responsible to stimulate the need for self-expression and spiritual freedom.

Throat Chakra is often known as voice of the body which affects the health of other chakras. So, if it’s in balance then it can allow true expression of what one thinks and feels.

Meanwhile, the Third Eye or also called as Brow Chakra is center of command and perception. When it is in balance, one will have healthy and vibrant internal communications within themselves.

Physical Benefits

If you have experienced sleep difficulty, the blue tourmaline stone may have the right solution for you. This crystal can encourage good night’s sleep, vivid dream recall and insightful dreams.

This health benefit will result in healthier life and more passionate life. To increase your commitment to your work, it can also give you the required benefit. It’s even better to wear or have by aid or charity worker.

For Health Issues

It’s true that tourmaline stones can help heal health issues and this time we will show what kind of issues that can be healed by blue tourmaline.

As a start, this crystal is often used as useful diagnostic tool to help find the underlying causes of illnesses and diseases.

Traditionally, it has been used to treat the throat, esophagus, lungs, thyroid, thymus and larynx issues.

Moreover, it helps stimulate the excretion and water balance through bladder and kidneys to help relieve the problems in immune and pulmonary systems. If you have burns, you can also use this crystal to soothe burn and to prevent the scarring.

When it comes to brain and eyes issues, it does a good thing to cure and lessen migraines and headaches.

For Happier Life

Now that you have acknowledged the physical benefits of blue tourmaline, let’s see the emotional benefits that you can get from this crystal.

It’s a powerful healer for anyone who feels grief or sadness due to some personal loss. It helps by assisting a person to face the buried emotions and to get rid of it.

In fact, it can also help to heal childhood trauma that may be caused by abuse of injury.

Given with these tremendous benefits hidden behind the blue tourmaline stone, no one should any longer be hesitated having or wearing it.

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