Cancer Birthstone- 3 Best Gemstones For June And July

Cancer birthstone will divide into two sections. The first is a ruby that represents the month of July and the second is Pearl represented for June.

As the fourth zodiac sign in astrology, the ability of cancer to affect a gemstone as well as change the character of the owner is very good.

Cancer people are known for their patience as the main characteristics will get many benefit when find the right birthstone.

cancer birthstone
cancer birthstone

Choosing the best birthstone and using them will embrace their caring and gentle nature, as well as helping them in coping with emotional difficulties.

Not only that, the birthstone will also help Cancer to strengthen their positive traits, and encourage emotional growth.

Best known for their imaginative ideas, high sympathy towards others and sharp intuition, Cancer people can develop their ability to the fullest using birthstone. 

There are various birthstones compatible for people who were born between June 22 and July 22 are under the influence of cancer, which has water element and Mercury as its ruling planet.

Although the prominent birthstone is ruby, the sign also responds well to Moonstone, and Pearl. Below are some lucky birthstones and their meaning for Cancer zodiac sign;


Ruby is the Cancer birthstone that represents the month of July. Cancer zodiac sign is ruling by the planet of Mercury. Both have strong connection, and the stone is capable to give mental stability for cancer.

Ruby birthstone meaning has several unique properties that allow cancer people to improve their devotion, courage, and integrity. Ruby stone also attracts physical vitality and strength, as well as fixing lack of confidence issue that sometimes can occur to Cancer zodiac.

In addition, if them wear ruby as jewelry or amulet, it believed that they can attract prosperity and success. The healing properties of ruby will  help people with Cancer sign to relieve blood disorder and infection.


Moonstone is a Cancer birthstone especially for people who was born on June, because it believed that this particular stone has magical effects on Cancer astrology sign.

The moonstone will give its wearer good fortune, eliminate anxiety and fears, as well as promoting intuition.

The best time to optimize the function of moonstone is during full moon. The moonstone promotes passion and inspiration for Cancer zodiac, and attracts success in business and love life.


Like moonstone, Pearl also birthstone for Cancer sign  for born on June. Cancer sign very  responds to Pearl birthstone.

Due to its characteristics, Pearls  gemstone are often associated with the symbol of love and perfection.

This birthstone is capable to promote wisdom and sincerity, as well as to serve as stone of protection.

In Cancer particular, Pearl Is birthstone to strengthen marriage relationship and protect the children, as it can also urge contentment in your old age.

Knowing some negative traits of Cancer astrology  such as sensitive, moody, and depressive natures, wearing one of this birthstones can help people to cut the negativity and promote mental stability and happiness.

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