What is Carnelian Stone Healing Properties ?

The Power Of Carnelian Stone

We all understand that natural gemstones, including carnelian as a healing properties , are very valuable and highly respectable, particularly in certain community.

In ancient history, the Carnelian Stone were already famous and used by the society for various purposes. As for today, carnelian gemstone is believed to have magical characteristics for the wearer, such as improving one’s confidence and creativity, so that people can speak up for their thought clearly and independently.

The warriors of the past often wore this particular earth stone as necklace during battle, because they believed that carnelian was capable to boost courage and power in facing the enemies.

Those various purposes show the best quality of the stone. Not only physical, Carnelian healing properties are also shown in healing various mental and psychic disorders with its calming quality.

That is because the stone has a strong earthy or grounding element that is very useful to calm one’s mind. The colors of carnelian are various, and each of them has their own uniqueness and healing properties, elements and qualities. However, it is believed that the darker the color is, the more powerful the stone will be.


 Uses Of Carnelian Stone

carnelian healing properties
carnelian stone

In common world, the Carnelian stone properties are rarely recognized by the people, as they merely use the stone as pendant necklace, ring, or bracelet.

However, this particular stone has a powerful effect on both your body and mind, creating good balance for the body energy levels. That is why people who wear this stone are having good coordination with their body and mind, particularly in physical exercise.

Not only that, this particular stone is also capable to stimulate the power and stamina, promoting inner motivation and courage, so you will have excellent way to express yourself.


Physical Healing

With its earthy quality, the power of carnelian healing properties are very beneficial to stimulate your blood circulation, balance body metabolism and overcome sexual fertility problem.

For women, in particular, carnelian stone will serve as aids in menstrual and menopausal cramps, improving fertility, and treating impotence in men. This stone is great to stimulate your appetite, improve the absorption of minerals, vitamins, reduce varicose veins and hemorrhoids, skin irritation, and congestion.

Not only that, carnelian gemstone is also believed to heal arthritis, rheumatic, and relieve stress in your bones. As for alcoholics, the carnelian stone will help detoxification process and improve your health quality in general.


 Emotional Healing

With the main character as grounding gemstone, the carnelian healing properties are also very beneficial to reduce emotional stress and improving your calmness.

As a stabilizing crystal, carnelian stones will help revitalize your energy and stimulate creative thinking and motivation for you to pursuit the happiness. Particularly in meditation, this stone will help you to be more focused, and help you to block negative thoughts such as rage, anxiety, and envy.

Wearing carnelian stone as jewelry or amulet will help you improve your self-confidence and encourage a harmonious love life. Besides beneficial for physical and emotional healing, the carnelian healing properties are also very well associated with prosperity. It is believed that you can make your own fortune using this stone.

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