Carnelian Metaphysical Meaning – The Popular Feng Shui Stone

carnelian metaphysical meaning
carnelian stone

The warmness element in carnelian metaphysical meaning is capable to boost your energy, and stabilize your mood in general.

Not only will you be able to express yourself freely and clearly, the energy flow will also give you calmness and happiness effects, provide security in home and promote security while you are with your family.

Stone and Feng Shui

We all know that Feng Shui has been widely embraced by not only by Chinese community, but also others. Nowadays, feng shui also incorporates carnelian metaphysical meaning in various shapes and sizes, by making it as amulets or jewelries.

Its irresistible charms are believed to give huge advantages for the wearer due to its grounding and earthy energy that is very significant at home. Compared to other gemstone jewelries, carnelian is more affordable little stone with large benefits.

Because of its prominent earthy characteristic, carnelian metaphysical meaning is highly associated to grounding or centering function of a home or office. The warm element of earth where this stone is derived contributes to protective quality.

People who wear this stone can feel the warmth, and genuine simple happiness inside their mind and soul.

People also believe that carnelian is capable to release inner spiritual energy, sexual attraction that can be utilized by women in general.

As explained above, carnelian is widely used in house that incorporates feng shui design as a protective element.

It improves the energy for the surrounding. Not only that, this stone is also believed to bring your prosperity and it is associated with wealth.

Magical Element

The peaceful atmosphere is a resemblance of the protective element of the stone, improving one’s quality of courage, confidence, and creativity in a way that also brings calmness and grounded feeling.

The magical element of carnelian represents the symbol of love; you can put this particular stone in the southwest area of your home/office.

This stone also symbolizes health and family, due to its protective quality. Various forms of carnelian stone are widely available in the market in form of necklace, bracelet, ring, amulets, and many more.

The Source And Composition

You probably recognize this brownish-red stone called carnelian (also spelled cornelian) incorporated in various jewelries or home decorations. Carnelian stone is as a semi-precious gemstone with its earthy and grounding character.

The carnelian is started in its physical composition. It contains silica mineral and chalcedony, with various colors derived from the iron oxide content.

Although carnelian comes in various color tones, ranging from pale to intense. Most people recognize that the most powerful ones are the red or the deep orange. It generally have harder composition and darker color.

This semi-precious gemstone is widely found in Brazil, India, Germany, Peru, and Siberia.

This carnelian meaning makes the stone precious for some and those who believe in the metaphysical things.

Some cultures and societies believe that there are great benefits by proper use of the stone such as incorporating carnelian as jewelry or decoration.

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