Carnelian Stone Meaning

Carnelian  stone meaning in ancient culture often used as a symbol of courage and bravery in conquering the enemy. Most people believed it is capable to captivate, stimulate, allow your self-esteem, passion, and in most particular, love.

The ancient Egyptian culture often associated this particular stone with the passive women energy and the strength of male energy vibes. Because carnelian meaning has a great deal with femininity and masculinity ideas, the stone is good to create balance in your mind and body

Similar to orange gemstones, Carnelian provides a revitalizing vibration to sexual area.It will aid in the reproductive system parts of the body along with stimulating sexual vitality.

Not only that, It’s properties also brings warmth, calmness, motivation, endurance, and stability in every aspect of your life. The people today and the people in history show great respect towards the stone, as it gives so many advantages to their life.

Carnelian is  birthstone for Virgo, a planet indicator who’s going to be typically inactive and self-conscious. A carnelian stone is pretty beneficial to Virgo people, ever since the stone considered to rejuvenate their functional, logical character with motivation and passion. The carnelian stone  meaning also delivers braveness and self-confidence to a Virgo person.

Carnelian Stone Color

Carnelian is a stone that has a brownish-red semi-orange surface. This stone comes from the class of chalcedony quartz . The name itself taken from the word Caro carnis from the Latin that means widening.The Widen meaning here was related to the color of the stone is going to change by itself if it has multiple colors in one .

The gemstone itself  divided into two types pure(original) and Sard (similar). What distinguishes the two is the level of hardness and density. When pure Carnelian tend brittle, and Sard more hard because it has a lot of iron in it.

The carnelian gemstone ranges in colors, sizes, and shapes, but people mostly valued the darker colored ones, as they believe the darker color tone to be more powerful than the pale ones. The reddish or fire-like orange color is very attractive. This makes the stone gain its nickname as the stone of courage, just like a fire.


Carnelian Stone Benefits

Belonging to a variety of Chalcedony, this semi precious stone has huge benefits.

  • Carnelian is a symbol of protection and warmth and was often used for jewelry . With its quality, carnelian stone meaning was also associated with loyalty, desire, and love symbols, and believed to protect one from the evil influence. Ancient Greek and Babylonians believed that this stone could bring luck to whoever wear it, and symbolized as courage, ambition and power for the community.
  • Carnelian capable to improve physical energy as well as boost the confidence and stimulate your focus in doing something. Because the  carnelian metaphysical meaning brings warmness and calmness for the wearer, you will likely to think clearly and logically, thus you can make reasonable long-term decision that will benefit you.
  • To be more focused and motivated in doing their activity if wear carnelian stone as necklace or ring. The carnelian properties will  stimulates curiosity, opens hidden talents of the people and open sup all the possibilities. With its earthy element, carnelian stone also improves the energy flows within your body and builds connection between physical and spiritual realms.
  • In the spiritual level, this stone is strongly connected with emotional stability, creativity, appreciation of nature, harmony, joy and happiness. Carnelian stone meaning is very helpful for people who experience abuse of any kind, helping them to restore their mind and soul, and improving trust in yourself.
  •  Associated with Sacral Chakra, the power of Red Carnelian will help in balancing the energy between the mind and the body, as well as reducing the over dependency, repression, anxiety, and depression, thus resulting in reliable self-esteem.

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