What Is The Best Gemini Birthstone ?

The prominent Gemini birthstone is pearl has excellent quality to improve their positive traits. But the zodiac sign also responds well to Emerald if they born on May, and Agate if they born on June . The transparent and clear colors such as white and yellow is characteristic of best types Gemini June birthstone color .  … Read more

What Is Taurus Birthstone Ability And Meanings ?

Taurus birthstone is Emerald. This gems was chosen as best birth stone for Taurus zodiac sign. Emerald is a sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It works really well in Taurus. For Taurus, emerald believed to give magical effects by preserving one’s love. It helps people to improve their sexual energy, and it is often … Read more

Leo Birthstone For People Born In July And August

august leo birthstone

Peridot is best Leo birthstone but Onyx, Ruby and Diamond could be an alternative. People who were born under the zodiac sign of Leo are known as natural-born leader. Wearing one of these birthstones is capable to encourage their uniqueness and positive traits so that they can improve overall life quality. As the fifth sign … Read more

3 Best Gemstones As Cancer Birthstone For June And July

cancer birthstone

There are various birthstones compatible for people who were born between June 22 and July 22 are under the influence of cancer, which has water element and Mercury as its ruling planet. Cancer birthstone will divide into two sections. The first is a ruby that represents the month of July and the second is Pearl … Read more