Pink chalcedony meaning

Pink chalcedony meaning maybe not much different with others types of chalcedony stone but the pink color of this gemstone will help much in nurturing our body energy. Another variety of opaque Chalcedony is the Pink Chalcedony, cryptocrystalline Quartz with its deep meaning. The family of Chalcedony itself comes in wide variety which includes Flint, … Read more

Green Chalcedony Meaning

green chalcedony meaning

About Green Chalcedony Stone Green Chalcedony is one among big family of Chalcedony crystals. It is a mineral quartz with beautiful color as well as the other members of the family such as pink, brown, red, gray, light tan, white, blue, buff, lavender and yellow chalcedony. This crystal holds its meaning which is very beneficial … Read more

Blue Chalcedony Meaning

blue chalcedony meaning

Blue chalcedony is stone covered by many metaphysical powers. The soft blue color symbolizes spiritual nature which helps to get rid of the evil power.When you see a Blue Chalcedony gemstone , you’ll soon notice that this crystal has cool, solid yet mystic and subtle look. It hides deep meaning that is surprising at some points. Through its … Read more