Blue Gemstones – Most Popular Names And Meanings

About Blue Gemstones Blue gemstones are very popular among gems lovers. The color that makes people very interesting in it but many rumor says that the power of the blue stone is very best in healing many illnesses. There are several types of gemstones that are almost the same color and shape,  however, has different … Read more

Popular Green Gemstones List – Names And Meanings

Green gemstones are in demand by many people. It available in precious and semi precious stone. The greenish color is very attractive to people who see it. This natural color said to have healing power and make people be calm. This maybe one reason why we are very interested in the shades of green. Green … Read more

The Popular Light Blue Gemstone Names and Their Meanings

Light blue gemstone is derived from the paler shade of blue stone, which is often found in subtler natural elements such as summer sky, morning on a sunny day, and shallow water bodies that show sunlight. Blue is a color of life; it symbolizes a lot of things in the world from fresh water, cold … Read more