The Power Of Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Regarded as the stone of beauty, Rainbow moonstone metaphysical properties believed by ancient community to bring the missing part of your soul. People in old days often used this particular stone as talisman thus helping to guide people. It is strongly believed to have the magical quality of the moon. As beautiful and mysterious as the … Read more

Why Moonstone Meaning Will Change Your Life

Moonstone meaning is Soothes stress, anxiety, help women’s hormones, balance yin and yang. Blue moonstone considered as sacred stone by the Indians and believed to bring good fortune.  The ancient roman believed that the blue moonstone is trickle of moonlight. In Asia, moonstone considered the jewel of luck. The Arab culture, moonstone is a symbol … Read more

What Is Rainbow Moonstone Meaning ?

Rainbow moonstone meaning is about deep spirituality and connection with inner self, and a good stone to promote inner balance in life. The properties of moonstone use for spiritual and physical healing. Moonstone has been known for centuries as a stone that reflects the philosophy of gentle moon. The translucent and gentle sheen of the … Read more

Moonstone Healing Properties

moonstone healing properties

Moonstone Healing Properties as Women’s Stone Moonstone, as the name implies, carries the energy of the moon. This particular stone is strongly connected with the power of the moon, which is also helpful to give a soothing reaction. It has milky to white color, with translucent crystal part that is related to third eye chakra … Read more