What Is Tourmaline Meaning That you should know?

Tourmaline meaning is improving blood circulation and absorb the negative energy. Tourmaline gemstone very popular in medical treatment tools.  In general, Tourmaline gemstone meaning is often associated with physical and spiritual energy. It believed to help keep up fitness, improve health, bring good luck, calm the heart and mind were troubled, and bring creativity to the owner. … Read more

Blue Tourmaline Meaning

blue Tourmaline meaning

  Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) is variation of Tourmaline stone.This stone is quite well-known for the color that resembles a blue sapphire.Many people called it as Srilanka sapphire because many are found there. In metaphysical world, the blue tourmaline meaning is deeper beyond most people may think. This beautiful crystal can evoke tranquility of the deep … Read more

Pink Tourmaline Meaning

pink tourmaline meaning

Behind the true pink tourmaline meaning, there lies the secret of beautiful energy vibrating within the thymus chakra and the heart chakra. This vibration is the reason why this beautiful gemstone can bring influx of joy, happiness and love into anyone’s life including yours. When you kind of feel stressed, dejected or even lacking of … Read more

Watermelon Tourmaline Meaning

Watermelon tourmaline meaning

Watermelon tourmaline meaning is to harmonize and balance the chakras while helping people to speak the truth with compassion. The metaphysical properties of watermelon tourmaline able to attract love,wealth and health. Use one of watermelon tourmaline jewelry in your body is enough and you will get all benefits from this stone. Have you seen a … Read more

Black Tourmaline Meaning

black tourmaline meaning

A protective stone that can block and repel negative energy like black tourmaline is a precious one. As birthstone for Capricorn sign, there is deep secret behind black tourmaline meaning which has made this gemstone widely known. Among cultures especially in certain areas of the world, black tourmaline has been used to give protection during … Read more