Citrine Healing Properties-The Popular Daily Uses Stone

citrine healing properties
citrine healing properties

Citrine healing properties are related strongly to its yellow color, which is generally regarded as a symbol of vitality, spirit, zest of life, good digestion and circulation, masculinity and youth.

And even though yellow stone tends to yield more masculine than feminine quality, anyone can get great benefits healing power from Citrine stone .

As a yellow stone that yields the brilliance of sun and gold, Citrine is often considered as a great stone for merchants and people who hope more for wealth.

However, this stone is not only good for money flows; Citrine properties are regarded as yielding the same effect as the nature of sun.

It symbolizes high energy, joy, spirit and positive emotions. Of course, it is a pleasant coincidence that Citrine comes from the French word ‘citron,’ which means lemon, a fruit that is also highly regarded as very nutritious food with a lot of vitamins.

Citrine stone healing power for healthy organs

Citrine has know related to the functions of several organs, which mainly consist of digestion and circulation.

Many people regard yellow stones as great properties to gain perpetual youthful feelings. This is natural since yellow is always associated with sun, warmth, positive energy and overall all youthful attributes.

Citrine considered as a good stone to support all these attributes.

Here are some Citrine healing properties for organs:

  • Enhancing circulation and endocrine system, creating better kidney, liver and blood circulation conditions.
  • Increasing metabolism, assisting healthy digestion system and better detoxification process in the liver and kidney.
  • Increased circulation means better health, skin and hair condition; you will clearly look youthful and younger, and your appearance will show more luster.
  • Citrine is also believed to assist with hormonal imbalance, helping women cope with menstruation and menopause, especially if menopausal symptoms are considered very afflicting.
  • Strong light and fire element is a good property to help curing bladder problems that cause adult bed wetting.

Citrine daily use

 As a yellow sun with strong light and fire element, Citrine healing properties are also related to increased energy and vitality.

This is a good stone to keep by people who often experience fatigue and low spirit in daily life.

Citrine stone can increase energy to handle daily activities, especially the ones that demand high concentration and physical abilities.

If you have difficulties in waking up every morning, despite sleeping for 6-8 hours already, this stone is the best cure.

Overall, Citrine is a stone that improves health with the qualities of sun and fire.This stone gives energy and vitality to do all activities.

It’s provides energy to perform even in the middle of strenuous tasks. Citrine properties also increases metabolism and circulation organs .

So your body becomes more energized and healthier and it provides masculine vitality to help you feel energized all day long.

Furthermore, Citrine healing properties can also be extended to better digestion and appetite, and higher energy to do sport.

This means the properties of Citrine will brings overall health benefits of improving health by increasing life and physical energy.

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