Citrine Metaphysical Properties -The Popular Stone By Therapists

Citrine metaphysical Properties
Citrine metaphysical Properties

Citrine metaphysical properties are often used by the therapists to treat people with digestive problems. Because the stone is capable to remove toxins and repel poisons form inside our body.

Citrine with its refreshing lemon yellow color has many benefits for people who wear them.

The stone is also beneficial to the endocrine and allows one to get peace aside from the negative influence of the surroundings. This mineral is widely found in Brazil, Bolivia, African countries, the US, and Soviet Union.

Apart from its healing quality, it metaphysical properties are believed by most people to attract luck and success in business. The stone is also often called as the:” merchant’s stone”.

Citrine is excellent stone of imagination and personal will. Where its energizing yellow color brings the energy of warm sun that is comforting, life giving, and encouraging.

Just like the sun itself, the stone stimulates your energy and willpower, clears your dark and blinded mind and stimulates your ideas to be turned into action.

The stone awakens your hidden creativity, allows you to see things in clearer state, encourages the new beginning, and helps you pursuit your happiness.

In deeper meaning, citrine doesn’t hold or keep the negative pressure. Instead of transforming it into positive one, it makes the energy productive and protective to your surroundings.

This particular stone called as merchant’s stone not without reason. Not only does the stone help in attracting abundant luck and prosperity, citrine also helps people to support their wealth, by encouraging people to share and stimulate their generosity.

The Healing Power

Back then, the stone’s metaphysical element was also believed to improve men’s intelligence, as well as promoting the fertility in women.

Citrine gemstone is highly related to the solar plexus and navel chakras. Its refreshing yellow radiant color activates your inner strength and opens the clarity of mind.

The balance of the chakras energy will allow you to have self-mastery skill to control your energy and power, boost intelligent, and simply clarifying.

The energy will allow you to gain perfect balance between mental and intellectual focuses, and the body’s perfection.

Its unique character makes citrine excellent stone to repel negative energy. It will be very helpful for the overly sensitive people, or those in vulnerable state to see the light and gain their confidence back.

Citrine metaphysical properties also prevent the wealthy from greediness, and bring support of wisdom as well as attract wealth and success for the less fortunate ones.

The Legend

The transparent yellow color of citrine used since ancient days. It said to honor Greek goddess Demeter, the goddess of harvest.

It honors the Egyptian Goddess of War, Sekhmet, and honors the Greek goddess of spring, Persephone, which encourages the new beginning.

In ancient era, Yellow citrine metaphysical properties use to heal abdominal-related diseases. But it was often mistakenly regarded as Topaz, due to its yellowish color.

In some beliefs, citrine metaphysical properties are helping people who carry the stone to cope with their relationship problems, stimulate their understanding and serve as excellent shield against jealousy.

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