Fire Opal Meaning – Stone of love

Mexican fire opal meaning
Mexican fire opal meaning

Fire opal meaning is symbolizing the most earnest form of love. Among all types of opal stones, fire opal has unique characteristics and richness of benefits.

Fire opal also know as Mexican opal. Ancient Persian culture, even modern society believe that Mexican fire opal is best love stone ever found .

In Indian culture, fire opal meaning is believed as love stone, representing the warmest and the most fervent love in existence.

Some cultures also believe that fire opals are created in heaven, filled with the spirit of life. Some also use the stone in their ritual and regard it the stone of Paradise bird.

Just as the name implies, ‘fire’ in fire opal represents fiery spirit, personality, and energy, bringing creative energy to the wearer and transforming ability to adapt and handle anything well and structurally.

Most people believe that wearing fire opal stone can help them improve energy stability and fertility.

Mexican  opals bring variety for therapeutic gemstones that can improve positive energy of human body.

Meaning and Origin

The colors in fire opal are various, ranging from yellow, white, blue, green, orange and red.

The radiant color beautifies the appearance of fire opal, which has silica acid and high water content.

The difference in color is determined by iron oxide traces. Although it looks strong, fire opal is very sensitive, and requires careful protection when used as jewelry.

When looking for the origin of fire opal, people will mostly point to Mexico, where the largest and most significant fire opals are found, and the stone is considered the national gemstone of Mexico.

Besides Mexico, fire opal stones are also widely found in the USA, Australia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Honduras, Brazil and Turkish.


  • Physical Properties

Physical composition of Mexican opals is similar with that of other opal stone types. It has large percentage of water content.

The color of amorphous silica is derived from iron oxide content, with hardness between 5.5 and 6.5.

Although, Mexican fire opal stone has large percentage of water, but it’s a very prone to heat, or acidic environment, because it will make the stone cracks and cloud.

The wearer of fire opal should keep the water content balance by discharging often using running water.

Although fire opal gemstone is derived from the same material, the quality is different, mostly defined based on the cut and ones that have the flashy play of colors.

  • Metaphysical Properties

In some cultures, people believe that Mexican opal is highly associated with love and wealth.

The light play of color indicates dynamic and magical powers to cure contagious diseases and improve positive innate energy of the human body.

People who wear Mexican opal are believed to improve their passion of love, and give them creative ideas.

The strength of fire inside the stone is capable to deliver energy and motivation, where people can improve their work life quality.

Mexican fire opal meaning also symbolizes magic, happiness, truth, and loyalty. The innate personal power will be increased and protecting you from danger.

This stone is also believed to fix your relationship, improve the intimate connection between you and your romantic meet, as it sits on Svadhisthana chakra associated with sexuality.

Seeing from the health point of view, fire opal can stimulate your adrenaline, and balance the cardiovascular system.

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