What Is The Best Gemini Birthstone ?


Wearing a birthstone in a part of the body is believed to have an impact on people’s characteristics and personalities. It also helps them to improve certain aspects of their lives.

The zodiac sign of Gemini, which has the twin symbol, influences people who were born between May 21 and June 21. With its ruling planet of Mercury. Gemini has an abundance of intellectual energy, and they love to debate.

Gemini love knowledge and they crave variety and experience. However, Gemini can also become restless and inconsistent. These are represented by the duality sign.

June Gemini Birthstone

Agate is June Gemini birthstone. The transparent and clear colors such as white and yellow is characteristic of best types Gemini June birthstone color . If we connect with gemstones, the matching is Citrine and Pearl.

White color has a meaning of freedom and transparency. The yellow color gives the sense of warmth and a sense of happiness and seemed to want to give rise the want to play. In other words, this color also implies an optimistic, lively and joyful.

May Gemini Birthstone

Emerald has chosen as May Gemini birthstone. Variety of emerald stone can occur in different colors such as yellow, green and red. This  is one of  lucky June Gemini birthstone color serves as a talisman .

Emerald can help people to cut the negativity they have in mind, as well as improving positive traits. So, wearing Emerald stone is very recommended.

Gemini are quite expressive, and tend to make quick changes. The expressive characteristics also make Gemini people hate boredom. Wearing Emerald will help them.

Best Gemini Birthstones

The prominent Gemini birthstone is pearl has excellent quality to improve their positive traits. But the zodiac sign also responds well to Emerald and Agate .

The element of Gemini is air, which makes the people under its influence need more fire element to inspire and uplift air quality. Gemini people are very lively and often associated with their communication ability, perspective, and thought.

Gemini have positive traits including inquisitive, clever, communicative, and lively traits. Their character is also defined as very adaptable and making them capable to mingle with the society in any situation.

Below are the list of best Gemini birthstone.


Pearl for Gemini has huge impact, particularly because pearl is highly associated with the planet of Mercury, which happens to the ruling planet of Gemini. The stone is capable to transfer the energy of the planet and the sign through the gemstone.

People who wear pearl believed to boost their loyalty and faithfulness in their relationship life. This gemstone allows improvement of personal integrity, modesty, and purity of one’s heart.

Not only that, pearl for Gemini is also capable to serve as healer, by resolving heart and digestive problems.


Emerald stone meaning which believed to improve intelligence and communication ability, particularly for those who often get nervous in public speaking.

In Gemini, emerald can also provide emotional well-being, and cut negative thoughts. This is a tranquilizer stone, which brings serenity of mind.


Agate stone  provides strength when the condition is weak. The stone is also believed to bring eloquence and improve vision and perspective of a Gemini. In addition, agate is May Gemini  birthstone attracts stability, encourages objective assessment, and increases verbal skill of a person.

This birthstone is also capable of bringing calmness in mind and strengthening your emotional and spiritual energy, focus, and concentration.

Above are recommended Lucky Gemini birthstone that will allow you to overcome several negative traits of personality that are often common among Gemini-born people. Wearing this stone will bring good luck and attract good opportunity in  many business .

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