Gemstone Color Meanings

Gemstone color meanings will be different depending on its shade. The color of gemstone has symbolized properties of natural strength and its benefit.  Many people believe that  color has a power which can be used. The natural color gemstones has stronger energy and not artificial color.

Most people choose a gemstone because of its color. Bright colors be the choice of many people while dark colors are less desirable.This was a mistake but it is a reality that we find in the public.

Representation of colors in gemstone will have a positive value if a gemstone is worn by people who have a match that color and will have a negative value if it does not fit. Color matching can be affected by several things such as date of birth, month of birth, zodiac sign, and etc.

So before we choose the proper color gemstones, we should consider it. So that the meaning of color in the gemstone will work well on us.  Here some list of colors meaning that related to gemstone.


gemstone color meanings

Gemstone color meanings


Colored Gemstones List And Their Meanings


Red gemstone color meanings are symbolizes courage, strength, love and passion. The energy emanating from the red colored gemstone greatly affects many people, so it becomes the most popular colors than others.The Benefits of Red Colored Gemstone: Improve energy, Improve confidence in yourself, Protect from the influence of evil spirits and nightmares, Helps to sleep soundly, Elimination of intelligence and increase courage.Examples of red gemstones are: Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Beryl, Tourmaline, Red jasper.


Pink gemstone meanings symbolizes gentleness, love and affection, symbolizes female energy. Pink gemstones appear in a variety of colors. Ranging from pink, fuchsia, rose, mauve and others. Examples pink gemstone include: Rose pink quartz, Pink sapphire, Tourmaline,  Spinel, Garnet.


Green gemstone meanings symbolize the natural color or earth, the energy emitted by a green colored gemstone can attract wealth, luck, and money to its owner. Green gems increase growth and regularity required for all changes in everyday life. Green color is believed to stabilize the mind and increases the good. Benefits of green gemstones: able to control emotional, Being able to help someone who needs change and growth, Can help make the mind more creative, relieves anxiety, fear, and depression. Green gemstone example: Emerald, Jade, Peridot, Tourmaline, Agate, Aventurine.


The blue gemstone color meanings symbolize the sky and the ocean. Blue is said to be the color inspiration and color of spirituality. It is closely associated with peace of mind. Blue gemstone color benefits: increase the tranquility that feels peaceful, safe and secure, increase the power of intuition, increasing spiritual awareness is more powerful, able relieves panic, helps to sleep better. Blue gemstone color example: Blue sapphire, Apatite, Lapis-lazuli, Aquamarine,  Tanzanite.


Purple is the color that is able to attract people’s attention.  Its a color of the nobles who had stable properties, mystery, self-esteem, high aspirations and quiet. Benefits purple gemstone are make your mind clearer, overcoming depression, increased authority, provide brilliant idea, creating relaxation by reducing redundant activities, improve supernatural abilities. Purple gemstone example:  Spinel, Pink diamond, Tourmaline, Morganite.


Brown is a natural color that provides comfort tranquility. Brown gemstone color benefits are; improve stability, radiating warmth, increased confidence in making a decision. Brown gemstone example: Tiger-eye, Agate, Jasper, Amber, Zircon, Sapphire.


Black has a variety of colors such as Start midnight, raven black, charcoal black, ebony and symbolizing toughness. Black gemstone color meanings are improve the ability to find more revenue, improving work-related persistence, be able to face all odds. Examples of black gems includeBlack Onyx, Black pearl, Sapphire.


White color symbolizes purity, obedience and peace.White gemstone color meanings are maintains a healthy body, increasing harmony, and increased confidence. Examples of white gemstones: Diamond, Pearl white, Sapphire, Moonstone, Agate.


Yellow gemstone symbolizes happiness and masculinity of a man. Yellow gemstone color meanings are: strengthen the vitality of men, strengthening health, increased self-confidence. Yellow gemstone examples are: Citrine,Topaz, Yellow-sapphire,  Cat-eyes.

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