Best Gemstone For Aries Which Should Be Worn As A Personal Protection

Gemstone For Aries is Bloodstone.This birthstone meaning symbolizes courage for Aries. This stone also provides protection from various threats, both from outside and from within.

Aries is zodiac sign for people who was born on March 21 to April 20 with ram symbol.Bloodstone was chosen as the best stone for Aries sign that related to Mars. Mars symbolizes the red color.

Bloodstone identical to Mars. But some astrologer says that Ruby is identical to Mars.  You can choose one of them, but if you are men, bloodstone very suitable and if you are women, Ruby may be the good one.

Gemstone For Aries

Gemstone For Aries


Compatible Stone For Aries  Sign  And Their Meaning

Besides both gemstones, there are other some Aries gemstone that may suitable for you.You can find the list below and you should read carefully to find best one, don’t make mistake because it will affect your future life.

Gemstone For Aries

Gemstone For Aries list


Ruby is best women stone for Aries.  This gemstone is most often used by people who have this zodiac.

Ruby can help Aries when he had lost sight of how to do their goals in life that he wanted. Ruby will Increase intuition and creativity of the Aries.

This is a birthstone for Aries that also helps increase the excitement, especially the spouse.


This gemstone helps increase confidence for Aries and Supports more positive thinking. Garnet also helps prevent the loss of perspective on Aries.


Carnelian is a gemstone for Aries who help reduce bad character in him.

Aries likes enjoying life and sometimes stuck with ambition and reverie, but with the help of the energy contained in Carnelian, Aries can rise from their negligence.


Jasper help raise a strong desire to Aries. Red Jasper is a gemstone of the most ideal for Aries.

This stone supports sexual desire and fertility, increasing the expression more creatively to find peace and harmony in life.

Red Jasper also causes negative side in Aries such as jealousy, angry and hate if they’re corrected by others.


Kyanite is healing stone for Aries. Tranquility, happiness, health, and peace can realize well.

The flow of energy that is radiated by the stone extremely suited to the nature of Aries to produce a positive energy balance. It encourages mental and spiritual growth in her.


Diamonds help Aries striving for a higher purpose. The bright light on the diamond can also show their weaknesses and help them in the struggle to overcome it.


This stone can help Aries to awaken themselves from haughty and arrogant. The birthstone for Aries is also helped to addressing the reality of life when lost in the virtual pleasure.


Amethyst is an Aries stone which serves as a good complement to the personality on this birth sign.

The birthstone raises the unexpected things. Where for other people it is impossible but Aries can do.

In the end, I hope you can find the correct gemstone that matches to your wish in gemstone for Aries zodiac sign list above.


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