Best Gemstone For Cancer And Their Meanings

Gemstone For Cancer
Cancer Gemstones

Gemstone for Cancer is Emerald. It provides Cancer with stability and alleviates mood swings. Its deep green reflects life’s meaningfulness. It absorbs negative vibrations and protects against them.

Cancer is zodiac sign for people who was born on June 21 to July 20 with symbol crab. Not only Emerald as a stone for cancer zodiac, but there are  other gemstone that suitable for cancer .

3 Gemstones Good for Cancer

Some gemstone have Qualities that seem to match your personality characteristic. Another approach is to choose stones according to qualities you want to develop in yourself.

Below here some list of gemstone for Cancer zodiac sign that you can choose as your personal birthstone. Some gemstone power can work well and other don’t. Here Some list of best gemstone for cancer horoscope that will work well when wearing it.


The milky white stone, silver variety is the best gemstone for Cancer. It is especially helpful when they feel like retreating into their shell and can’t find a way to share their feelings with others.

It also helps them fight off negative influences, so that when it feels like the world is closing in on them, they can regain their creativity and break free of the bonds that imprison them.


It’s a gemstone called love stone  especially for Cancer. Because of their luster and smoothness, pearls are natural symbols of beauty and perfection. They confer wisdom and sincerity on Cancer, helping to guard against danger. They also give contentment in old age and moderate mood swings.


Sodalite strengthens one’s mental faculties. Its blue color helps Cancer keep a cool head in the midst of powerful emotions. It also encourages her to return to face the challenges from which she has retreated.

8 Healing gemstone for Cancer

Every stone has healing power. Here some list of  healing gemstone for Cancer Zodiac sign that you can choose one for you need.


Aventurine is gemstone for  Cancers that can bring peace in heart and mind. When caught in the turbulence of their powerful emotions, they can find solace and calm in green aventurine.


Jade have power that will give Cancers the confidence to trust in their feelings. A bit of jade kept in the pocket as a touchstone will give a sense of security in difficult situations.


Opal impresses upon Cancer that she is entitled to her own feelings. This allows her to find a way through difficulties. It supports her striving for harmony.


It’s a healing gemstone for Cancer zodiac. The Cancer who is beset by the anxiety and depression that come from holding too much inside should turn to olivine. It is also effective in treating skin disease and metabolic disorders.


Chrysoprase can help Cancer in meditation.This gemstone has a calming effect on Cancer. It helps them reach a balance between the conscious and unconscious spheres. It encourages them to strive for harmony and deepens their ability to connect with others.


Chrysocolla help Cancer to make best idea in his life.This gemstone gives Cancer serenity and tolerance and stimulates both intuition and imagination.

It is an antidote against the poison of hate and anger; it helps it’s possessor see that the world is a beautiful place. Its benign influence will enrich the lives of those born under the sign of the crab.


Carnelian channels the earth’s magnetism. It can aid Cancer, who feels abandonment and loss particularly keenly. It teaches her that nature is constantly changing and that nothing in the universe can stand still.


Its combination of pink and orange lends new strength to Cancer’s self-awareness. It opens her eyes to UN-imagined possibilities. Ordinarily, Cancer would dismiss these as something that could never be.

But this attitude can lead to the dimming of one’s spiritual light. Rhodochrosite prevents that from happening. Rhodochrosite is best healing gemstone for Cancer sign.

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