Lucky Gemstone For Leo Ascendant

Gemstone For Leo
gemstone for leo

Gemstone for Leo is black onyx. With the Sun as ruling planet, this make black Onyx  stone very compatible to Leo ascendant sign. This gem will help Leo to get their plan fly high, making their mind calm and flexible.

Black onyx is lucky birthstone for people who was born on July 21-august 21 with lion symbol. It helps maintenance characteristic of Leo like:

  1. Not talking out-of-the-way and always focus.
  2. Optimism and energy.
  3. Learned to recognize their purpose in life.
  4. Burns so much physical and mental energy.
  5. Natural charm and intelligence.
  6. Healthy aspects of character and fight against the negative effects of feeding.

8 Compatible Gemstone For Leo And Their Meanings

Besides black onyx stone, there are some others gemstone that suit to Leo zodiac sign characteristic. These gemstone will control  bad aspect of Leo and will help to gain good life for them.

1.Topaz – Topaz is best gemstone for Leo besides onyx. Leo must have this stone, especially pink topaz. Topaz will bring good luck for this zodiac sign.

This is lucky gem for Leo. It promotes sincerity and honesty to get success in business and personal.

2. Peridot – Peridot is a very beautiful and bright green displays. This is one of Leo stone  that can bring healthy.

It also strengthens the immune system and prevents from negative energy that damage Leo inner beauty.

3. Rock crystal – Rock crystal will help strength and peace mind with positive vibration intensity. This is a stone that will help Leo to control its temper.

In times of adversity, this stone help his natural confidence and optimism back.

4. Tiger’s eye – Tiger’s eye stone maybe the best gemstone for Leo, but this gemstone only work if use by men.

These gemstones help enhance mental strength and help him be more inward-looking. Overcome the weaknesses and limitations.

5. Larimar – this stone helps to solve old problems of Leo and prevent negative energy that can cast a shadow over his mood.

Larimar is secret  Leo stone. This gemstone will work well if use by young. Advised not wearing larimar stone after 4o years old.

6. Diamond – Diamond is gemstone with bright light,  This stone will help Leo to remember the true leadership service his own, both in personal projects or professional.

Diamond maybe good luck Leo gemstone, but it will work well if use by girl. Diamond will help radiate inner beauty well.

7. Garnet – garnet strengthen the will power and patience of Leo. This balancing sexual energy so he can feel the deepest pleasures of love.

This gemstone has positive effects that will also make it felt in his life.

8. Tourmaline – There is a particularly strong influence on the stone for Leo. Its structure parallel light rays and convert them into positive energy.

Therefore, tourmaline is an immediate use for Leo’s especially psychosomatic disorders. This is a very good healing gemstone for Leo to treat back pain.


Because the elements of Leo zodiac is fire that symbolize anger, hot and strength, list of gemstone above will help Leo much in control their temperament .

If you start to choose gemstone for Leo then choose that has been mentioned above. Do not choose another type of stone, because of undesirable things could have occurred due to the effect of energy conflicting.

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