4 Best Gemstone for Sagittarius

gemstone for sagittarius
gemstone for sagittarius

There is a long list of gemstone for Sagittarius zodiac sign. These stones believed to able to help the people born under the Sagittarius astrological sign.

Each of the astrological sign has its own sets of stones and different signs will match different stones.

Some of the stones are crystals and the list for the Sagittarius is actually a combination of the list taken from the traditional, modern as well as the ancient gemstone for this zodiac.

The Lucky stone for Sagittarius are the blue topaz,  amethyst crystal,  lapis lazuli,  pink tourmaline,  sodalite ,  white topaz,  azurite stone,  charoite,  malachite,  ruby, the sugilite, the turquoise,  yellow sapphire,  blue lace agate,  labradirote crystal,  merlinite,  snowflake obsidian, vesuvianite or idocrase, and the zircon crystal.

Those names may be or may not be familiar, but those are the complete list of stones for Sagittarius.

There are some gemstone for Sagittarius that will help the Sagittarius in many ways. It very best wear by them as jewelry. Try one of this gemstone and you will get much benefits soon.


Amethyst healing Properties
Amethyst healing Properties

Let us start with the amethyst crystals. These crystals will help to protect the Sagittarius from any physic attack.

The stone is believed to be very strong in physic and will help to lend some of its power to the user.

When a Sagittarius involved in any psychic work and development, the stone can increase the speed of the process.

Not only that, it will also help to decrease negative feelings such as stress, anger or fear.

After those feelings are gone, they will be in the serene condition so that they can so calm and relaxed.

The crystal can used in different jewelry types and they will certainly make great jewelry.


Azurite stone
Blue Azurite stone

The next gemstone for Sagittarius is the Azurite stone. This gemstone is known because of its beautiful deep blue color that is just so enchanting. It often shows its indigo blue ray under the light.

This stone represents the inner vision and insight. A persona has different chakra and most of the times, we do not bother to open our chakra to enhance our abilities.

When the Sagittarius has a third eye chakra and he did not develops it to the fullest, then when he use the azurite stone, he will then feel the resonate feeling of the third eye chakra.

Blue topaz

swiss blue topaz stone
Blue topaz

Another chakra that will be enhanced trough the stone is the crown chakra. Meanwhile, the other blue stone, the blue topaz stones has a different energy for the users.

When placed in a pendant, near to the throat chakra, it will then help the person to speak more clearly.

He will always find that words come so easily that he can communicate the ideas in his mind and his feeling taking place in his heart.

Sagittarius public speakers can enjoy great advantage by using the help of this stone. Moreover, the gemstone will also stimulate the third eye chakra of the user, making him stronger psychically.


birthstone color for december
birthstone color for December

If we are looking for lucky gemstone for Sagittarius zodiac sign, Turquoise is the best stone that will bring Sagittarius to meet they goals.

It should be as birthstone for them that born on November 23 – December 22 with archer symbol.

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