Lucky Gemstone For Taurus List And Their Meanings

Gemstone For Taurus
Gemstone For Taurus

The gemstone for Taurus based on astrology is sapphire. Sapphire can give protection and mental healing to Taurus. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and it is the zodiac sign for people who were born from 21 April to 20 May with a bull symbol.

Besides sapphire as a lucky stone for the Taurus zodiac sign, there are still some other gemstones that are suitable for Taurus.  Choose the one that is best for you, because every gemstone has different meanings according to nature.

11 Compatible Taurus Gemstone

1. Rhodochrosite

This is a very useful gemstone for Taurus in developing positive values in her. This gemstone also helps generate a positive image and spontaneous expression in Taurus.

Because Taurus is often ignored aspects of himself, especially when he worried about the economic future, Rhodochrosite will change negative attitudes and give ideas to overcome them.   Rhodochrosite is one of the Taurus gemstones that has the meaning of luck stone.

2. Rose Quartz

This gemstone has a meaning as a healing stone for Taurus. The Energy in the stone can help calm a troubled mind when faced with problems in their lives. Rose Quartz is the best Taurus gemstone that also helps to think clearly.

3. Agate

Agate is the lucky stone for Taurus is capable of creating a fantasy come true. The Kinds of precious stones reinforce the prudent attitude of Taurus to live up to his ability.  Both Blue Agate and green are the color of the birthstone for Taurus which has a meaning that gives a warning and protection from threats.

4. Chrysocolla

This gemstone has a higher spiritual meaning to the Taurus. Chrysocolla helps open the eye of truth on Taurus to understand life. Chrysocolla helps relieve Taurus from the shackles of doubt, anxiety, and stress, and then brings in prosperity and happiness.

5. Aventurine

This gemstone helps Taurus to free them from the trap of the world of materiality. Aventurine guide Taurus to find creative ideas that bring tranquility, giving the patience to meet success.

6. Zircon

This gemstone helps Taurus in breaking the deadlock on the realities of life. Help find the way during difficult times.  These Birthstones also help develop the vision and imagination for Taurus to get lucky.

7. Diamond

These Precious Stones developed Taurus views about aspects of life, and increase social awareness and selflessness. This gemstone is very helpful in improving the spiritual, especially for Taurus.

8. Malachite

Malachite is a gemstone for Taurus that can aid in the reform process of life.  This Taurus stone always touted enlightenment.

9. Emerald

Emerald helps improve concentration on Taurus. This gemstone has a very special meaning for Taurus especially in improving youth and sexuality energy.

10. Obsidian

The type of precious stones helps Taurus to improve nature more powerful, feeling more sensitive to the situation around. Help solve many problems without having to leave them.

11. Citrine

Citrine is a gemstone for Taurus which has the meaning of healing and salvation. This is a stone that provides a sense of security and comfort to carry out their daily lives. This precious stone acts as detoxification for Taurus.

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