Gemstone For Virgo – The Best List Traditional Virgo Birthstones

Gemstone for Virgo is Carnelian. With Mercury as ruling planet of virgo makes Carnelian best choice virgo stone that have properties such as warmth, emotional, socialization and creativity.

Carnelian gemstone is very helpful directing the activities of Virgo. Besides that, this stone also gives happiness to the owner of this virgin symbol by recalling past lives and cut the fear of death.

Moss Agate  recognized in traditional western astrology as Virgo gemstone, but is actually shares with Aquarius.

In Indian astrology, moonstone is a favorite gemstone for Cancer, but is also considered as gemstone for Virgo.

Sodalite takes place in Vedic astrology as birthstone for Virgo, but It also birthstone for Sagittarius zodiac too.

Virgo Gemstone

Gemstone For Virgo List

Virgo gemstone like carnelian give love and motivation energy.Virgo and carnelian are inseparable lovebirds forever, though in a state of love and grief.

If we look modern gemstone for virgo, so blue sapphire and blue topaz as their birthstones.

Therefore, Carnelian Birthstone is highly recommended for those who were born on August 24 – September 23.


List Of Traditional Gemstone For Virgo

Traditional Gemstone For Virgo

Traditional Gemstone For Virgo

Nevertheless, there are still some kinds of gemstone that can match with Virgo. From many gemstones, there are 6 kinds of traditional gemstone that that suitable with Virgo character besides Carnelian.

The gemstones are;


This is Virgo gemstone that helps increase confidence and individuality. This stone used as a talisman for good luck.

Energy on this stone is suitable to improve and attract good fortune to Virgo. Because it perfectly fits with the character of Virgo, Citrine is able to neutralize the frustration and generate excitement.

Tiger eyes

Tiger eyes lead Virgo to not too far from the structure of the activities that have been planned and help brighten the burden of daily life.


Arc of Azurite energy bestows wisdom and truth to Virgo. This gemstone also helps to control excessive desire, improve the romantic and spiritual relationships that are more harmonious with nature.


Jasper is gemstone for Virgo that helps cultivate humility and restraint. jasper also to strengthen a sense of reality to the natural surroundings.

Yellow jasper gemstone providing mental acuity to Virgo, meanwhile red jasper stone increase inner harmony. These jasper birthstones also give physical and psychological strength for Virgo.


It is kinds of multicolored stones are composed of Citrine and amethyst. This birthstone helps Virgo gain maturity. Ametrine also help to find a way of life that suited him.

It also allows him to express his feelings the energy radiates from this gemstone can help to block negative energy attack that can inhibit the growth of creativity and spirituality of Virgo

Golden Topaz

This stone is considered as a rock of wisdom and protection. Topaz gives Virgo the courage and perseverance to carry out their life plans. This ensures that they work honestly and able to make sacrifices to meet their goals.

Golden topaz is gemstone for Virgo that helps realize themselves with the surrounding circumstances.Topaz birthstone more suitable for girl. Golden Topaz  will help to show feminism side for the wearer.

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