Gemstone Meanings in Relation to Healing Properties

We all know that different gemstone has different potencies derived from mother earth and energies of the ruling planets. The astrologist strongly linked that gemstone meanings also have spiritual connection with human health, and have their own effects on the body and organs.

Some cultures also believe that our birth day and month are ruled by certain planet that affects the gemstone, which has part of human consciousness. In Astrological,  gemstone meanings is use to validated many cultures, which contribute to legend and tale about gemstone.

Gemstone meanings are often understood as one product of nature that is often attributed to special ability to heal.

The expert gemologists George Frederick Kunz stated that gemstone could give us broader knowledge, particularly when studying the rare stones used in different cultures that have resulted in different set of belief trusted by the people.

The idea of gemstone meanings and belief also has significant symbolism, where some people believed that different gemstone stores different strength through contact with our body.


gemstone meanings

gemstone meanings

Gemstone Meanings and Healing Attributes

 Some gemstones are believed to have healing attribute, particularly because most of the stones have gone through the process of geological heating and cooling.

Because the gemstones are formed from the earth’s inner core, each of them has different geological form, color, and vibration. The stones have been largely incorporated in the practice of gem healing therapy, beauty therapy, as the stones are somewhat capable to convey specific type of energy and transforming health to the wearer.

Gemstones also work as complement to other healing process and medicine They work as prominent treatment in certain culture, and are believed to have power to heal mental complaints, emotional instability, and even chronic illness.

The way gemstones heal and reduce the illness is somewhat mysterious and exciting at the same time. The therapeutic gems already shows that those certain gems can preserve and amplify the innate energy of the body, and improve overall health in physical and spiritual.

How do the gemstones work as healing property? Just as simple as it sounds, people can wear certain gemstone as pendant necklace and the negative energy inside our body and mind will be transformed into positive one. The stones are also incorporated in medical procedure such as laser therapy.


Gemstone Meanings and Characteristic

 In many cultures, the crystalline elements of gemstone are believed to have therapeutic ability. However, to have optimum benefits of gemstone as healing property, we need to discover certain stone that has best quality to become the most effective and reliable tool.

Choosing the best-qualified gemstones should meet strict requirement, as the energy flaws in gemstone with high quality are balance and reliable.

The gemstone meanings as healing properties also have a great deal with the shape. The gemstone’s shape highly influences how it transmits the energy and how it delivers the healing property.

Sphere gemstone is believed to have best potential in increasing human’s energy and reach maximum energetic aspect of human existence. The two concepts, both quality and proper shape represent the way in which gemstones work as therapeutic tools.

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