Popular Green Gemstones List – Names And Meanings

green gemstones
Green gemstones

Green gemstones are in demand by many people. It available in precious and semi precious stone. The greenish color is very attractive to people who see it.

This natural color said to have healing power and make people be calm. This maybe one reason why we are very interested in the shades of green.

Green gemstone comes in a variety of shades, including light blue, dark-green, grassy-green, apple-green, forest, Kelly green, lime, sea green and much more. There are many more stones that almost the same as the green.

Names Green Gemstone

If we are looking  for green stones types, we will find so many collection gems in green shade. They not only green but it can be light green, blue-green, dark green  and many more.

The price also variable. Here some of green gemstones names  that very popular among gems lover and including their meaning and uses .


Chemical content of the green Emeralds are silica, aluminum, soda, and magnesium. The name of emerald derives from the Ancient Greek language ‘smaragdos’ that’s really simply means ‘green gemstone’.

Numerous great tales have become up surrounding this amazing gem stone. The Incas and Aztecs of Latin America, the place where the finest emeralds are nevertheless discovered these days.

Emerald is the top in green gemstone names family, higher cost and it’s a most beautiful rock. Emerald is one of oldest gemstone and very famous in green color.

Emerald is not the only one that is green but it is a precious stone. stone like jade, Peridot, Chrysoprase also green but they are semi precious stone.

Sadly, since the green emerald  is not just probably the most gorgeous gem stones, but additionally the most valuable, you will find lots of synthetics and fakes. Buy from the authority only to get the genuine one.

Green Emeralds much in use as jewelry and used for treatment of various diseases. This stone could create an atmosphere of cool, safe and comfortable, maintain physical fitness and spiritual. Emerald is the birthstone for May.


Jade is one of type green gemstones and came from Chinese territorial. Green Jade have a variety of forms that have been carved and very valuable. As well as jewelry, it is also used for treatment, especially for kidney disease.

This gems can cut digestive disorders, liver function and help reduce damage to the eye. Type of this stone can help one to Relax. Jade is the  birthstone for March.


The color of Peridot is yellowish-green gemstone and very shining. This stone is often called the “evening emerald” because of his light green. Use as jewelry and treatment. Peridot used to help make someone’s dream can come true.

For health, it helps the function of the adrenal glands, giving a balance of physical energy and help people who are too often experience emotional strain. Peridot is the birthstone for august .


Tourmaline is one of green gemstones list although this gemstone has other color like pink , black , blue and more. Tourmaline is found in gravel, especially Burma and Sri Lanka.

It used to prevent the occurrence of lymphatic tissue disease and anemia. Also used to enhance the success and achievements.

Green Tourmaline improves balance in men. According to legend, the user will warn if the dangers and lack of luck approaching. Tourmaline was selected as birthstone for October.

 Moss Agate

Moss agate actually not really agate. It chalcedony types. This gemstone come from India. Agate generally available as tumbled stones, beads and cabochons. Moss Agate is best green gemstones for protection. It is often worn as jewelry by men.

Green moss agate can help for matters on physical and emotional personality. For those who wear it, agate can offer peace and solve difficult problems sleeping. Agate is the birthstone for May.


Aventurine included in the range of green stone. It is found in India, Chile, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Austria, and Tanzania. Aventurine has the power to soothe the troubled spirit and bring inner peace.

Widely used to reduce stress, develop confidence, imagination and improve prosperity. Aventurine is the Birthstone for January.

The Meaning Of Green Gemstones

Green gemstone meaning is relating to the natural color of the earth where  symbolizing fertility and life harmony.

 Also means the most tranquil colors. Symbolizes the dignity and welfare. It is the color of balance. It also means learning and growth. Wear green gems will protect from fears and anxieties.

Based on astrology green gemstones can bring fortune. Used to attract money, prosperity and wealth.

People who have no children are usually advised to use or wear this green colored stone. Reportedly can help the growth and fertility.

If placed in the home will increase harmony of the household, improve health, and intelligence.

The day of green gemstones is Friday and the month is may. The color related to Taurus zodiac sign .

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