What Is Green Jasper Stone Meaning And Uses ?

green jasper meaning
green jasper stone

Green Jasper meaning is always positive such as to strengthen human connection to Earth and to energize human physical body. It’s  properties connect to metaphysical and healing energy both physical and mental.

Green Jasper is the most highly prized crystal in medieval and ancient world. This rare crystal comes in a variety of color from olive-green to pale spring green. As valued crystal, it has deep power that may surprise some of use.

The name itself is nothing new to several languages like Assyrian, Latin, Green, Persian, Arabic and Hebrew. Its physical structure is considered in opaque family of quartz with translucency feature that is comparable even to Emerald.

This crystal is believed to carry great uses and purposes that it is even also said as “rain bringer”. No wonder it was often used for this purpose to soak and send showers for the thirsty plain.

Green Jasper Properties And Uses

 Spiritual Energy

Each metaphysical crystal has spiritual energy and it differs depending on what properties it carries. In this case, Green Jasper meaning through its properties allows spiritual freedom and strengthens the human’s connection to Earth. By encouraging through dream and meditation, there will be harmony within inner self and with others.

To fulfill the purpose of retrieving spiritual knowledge, this crystal works by providing connection with ancient past of the Earth. The knowledge, in turn, will be useful to help support the humanity and heal the planet.

Meanwhile, in spiritual world, this crystal is said to be able to drive away ghosts, witchcraft, evil spirits and harmful fantasies.

Chakra Healing

The connection that all Jasper stones have with the Earth allows this crystal to activate the base Chakra. This aims to help stabilizing and energizing human physical body.

Base Chakra is important to make sure that the body, mind and mental is in alignment. At the same time, it also helps to cleanse the aura. Another chakra activated by Green Jasper is Heart Chakra which is located near breastbone.

When this chakra is in balance with the help of this crystal, our entire body and mind will be in balance as well resulting peaceful life and positive emotional responses to external stimuli. This way, we can have better understanding on our emotions and needs.

Balanced Emotional

Each metaphysical crystal has ability to heal emotional issues. In this case, the green jasper meaning gives support to heal the disease within emotional system. The issues are particularly about obsession that a person has.

Obsession is never a good thing and causes so many negative energies and acts. Thus, it’s important to get support in recognizing the fixations and obsession patterns that have already become irrational.

Obsession act includes drug and alcohol addiction and other addictions that badly influence life. It’s when the crystal is required.

It helps to encourage resistance, to improve control over thoughts and actions, to bring courage to express and to restore the harmony within the mental and emotional body. Once a balanced state of mind is there, peace will come and fill the life.

Physical Healing Uses

Now it’s the turn to show the physical healing help from green jasper. Exactly, it delivers a wide range of useful health benefits to use. For a start, it is conducive to mothers’ happy and healthy pregnancies.

This is actually a common practice even for centuries since the crystal has already been used by Eastern Europe and Africa people in fertility ceremonies. And during childbirth, it provides assistance as well. Aside from that benefit, there are still so much more as followed:

  • To treat digestive system and stomach disorder
  • Improve the condition of spleen, liver, bladder and kidneys
  • Reduce inflammation and toxicity
  • Balance fluid retention
  • Dispel bloating
  • Help control body odor
  • Prevent and help treat colds, influenza, coughs and bronchitis
  • Stimulate ideal menstrual flow
  • Reduce hemorrhoids
  • And soothe gout and epilepsy

Green jasper meaning  actually almost common with others jasper stone meaning If you are interested to know more, please read about the ocean jasper meaning and red jasper meaning meaning here.

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