Green Obsidian Meaning And Properties

green obsidian meaning
Rough green obsidian

When we acknowledge the green obsidian meaning for the first time, we quickly notice that this beautiful yet great stone offers help to redirect our lives into how it is supposed to be without any strangles.

Having such draining-energy life is what most people do not want and that’s when a help should come and interfere. This time, a green obsidian power is needed. 

This fact is certainly a great news especially if we need to break through the negative circles that we have lived in for the past years. Everyone deserves a joyful life and with the help of unlimited healing energy from obsidian meaning, everything can turn into positive things.

The Origins

Before we acknowledge green obsidian meaning and healing power further, let’s take a look at where we can find it. Can it be found in any parts of the world?.

Well, unfortunately it can only be found in certain areas including Guatemala, Mexico, Mesoamerica and Sierra Madre mountains. These limited areas have made the stone quite rare and expensive to buy.

Although the green obsidian price is not cheap , it’s still so worth it to have. According to the legend, this stone is believed to be able to remove hooks from other people who are lodged in chakras.

At the same time, it is also to protect them from being hooked in again. In short, it assists to give life full of freedom and inner ability to advance the future.

The healing Power

  • Green Obsidian for Emotional Healing

Life can be so hard sometime and each person has different strength to go through it.

For certain people, assistance is needed to make them stay strong no matter how bad life can be and for this reason, healing crystal  like green obsidian comes and gives help.

This stone is indeed a goddess stone that resonates with Green Tara, the well-known Tibetan deity who gives protection and love to human beings.

That’s why it’s considered among the purest stone that is able to soothe the heart and heal emotional wounds.

It carries strong energy full of compassion to help a person expand his or her quality at the same time. Not only does it help inner growth associated with emotional ability but also the outer life.

So, if you find yourself or other people dragged into severe emotional wounds caused by loss for instance, own the stone and start healing the wounds.

  • Green Obsidian for Harmonious Life

Natural green obsidian or also called Gaia stone has the ability to promote the growth of intimacy and love-making it the perfect means to heal tensions that happen between couples, friends or parents and their children.

Metaphysical meaning of green obsidian works by diffusing anger and inducing compassion that in turn it can dissolve barriers among people.

When anger is no longer there and compassion takes the place, tolerance will be out on the surface and lead for harmonious life. It will be more joyful, peaceful and just like what we have willed to have.

Crystal for Heart Chakra

To know exactly how this stone works, we have to know first which chakra does work together it. It’s the heart chakra. This is a center chakra that balances the body, mind and emotional and influences other chakras.

By working with this chakra, green stone obsidian can allow for beautiful connection with the nature while helping the realization of tenderness and love.

On the other side, Green obsidian meaning is assists in nurturing ,allowing this stone is recommended for those during rehabilitation process or emotional healing.

And if you negative energy that doesn’t serve you any purpose, it can help you to remove the unwanted energy. This way, you can also bring out the Warrior spirit inside yourself.

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