Green Onyx Meaning

green onyx meaning

Green onyx meaning are physical healing, abundance, fertility, growth, young, material success, renewal, endurance, balance, dependence and friendship.

Can be used for relaxation, neutralize the eye’s, winning the mind, stimulates creativity.

The stone is rich in green color – that is why it is called green onyx. It has all the properties of onyx stone; soothing, alleviating fear, and comforting.

Some people believe that those who wear green onyx are capable to improve their confidence, resulted in encouraging wise decision-making and promoting your physical stamina.

This stone is believed to have a soothing element, which brings great benefits during your hard or stressing time.

Not only great to give you calmness mentally, green onyx also helpful to release your physical stress, particularly when you are facing the difficult situation.

However, as different type of onyx has different uniqueness and charm, you can see some of the best quality green onyx as a symbol of stress-reliever.

Green Onyx Healing Properties

Besides beneficial to give metaphysical effects on the wearer, green onyx meaning is also beneficial in terms of healing physical and emotional problems.

To help people cope with their physical problems, the green onyx deals with physical impairments such as nervous breakdown, leucoderma, impotence, abdomen-related diseases, treating eyes, nose, and nervous system, keep up the blood pressure, and treating skin disease.

Green onyx meaning is also good to help people improve their public speaking ability. It encourages you to speak your thoughts and feelings, and improve your creativity.

Because the stone is related to the heart chakra, it also represents the unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion. This particular stone is an excellent tool to bridge your lower three chakras and upper three chakra.

The Legend

In ancient days, there was a legend related to this green onyx. The onyx stone itself was believed to be involved in various magical rituals.

It was used as amulets against demon and any evil plots. The demon was imprisoned in the stone, and it would awake at night, spreading terror and bad influence for the people.

The stone, including the green onyx, is a powerful protector against any dark magic and often used by the talisman to do divination rituals as well.

In India, the culture and its people believe that green onyx is an Uparatna or the secondary gemstone that is highly related to the Mercury planet, according to the Vedic astrology.

Because the green onyx is ruled by the planet of Mercury or Lord Buddha, it serves as the antenna in the green cosmic rays.

The green color of the stone provides beautiful structure, fully transparent look that signifies intelligence and brainpower. The stone also symbolizes intuition, intellectualism, and communication ability.

In astrology, green onyx is highly suggested for those who born under Gemini and Virgo.

Characteristic And Source

As a part of the quartz family, which is also a chalcedony, onyx gemstone has various colors with different characteristics and properties.

The green onyx  is derived from the onyx stone and green shade, a form of mineral with more organized appearance, finer and more refined structure that makes this particular gemstone ideal for jewelry.

Green onyx is one of variation onyx stone. The stone has SiO2 element; just like any other types of onyx, it has hardness of around 7.

As a semi precious gemstone, green onyx has smooth texture. It is most commonly found in India, Brazil, and the US.




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