Green Tourmaline Meaning

green tourmaline meaning
green tourmaline stones

Green tourmaline is one of tourmaline color that very popular among them. It’s stone very benefit for healing many illness.

There are so many health product that use green tourmaline stone like shoes, bracelet, mats to enhance the ability to cure illness.

Some facts prove that this stone can accelerate blood circulation and get rid of toxins in the blood.

Feeling joyful is what everyone wants and luckily after you witness the true green tourmaline meaning revealed in this article.

You’ll know for sure how this beautiful greenish stone is the right pick to make you feel joyful all day long. Just like its lovely color, this stone has its lovely vibration which helps to stimulate joy and happiness.

What a great thing, right! Through its metaphysical properties, it can strongly promote compassion especially towards yourself. As the earth energy stone.

It attune you to Mother Gaia’s vibration and connects you to earth. In short, it fulfills your true need of being balanced, joyful and energetic throughout the day.

The Origins

Tourmaline stones come with many variation colors like black tourmaline, watermelon, pink, green and blue.

Just like other stones, deposits of green tourmaline are found in many parts of the world including USA, Brazil, Australia, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

With attractive vibration, it has become popular jewels. Usually, it is selling under different trade name which is Verdelite.

The green color itself comes in various kinds and shades like the deep emerald green, dark green that is almost like a black, the lovely mint green or the clear medium green.

Another thing that makes tourmaline gemstone so special is that its benefits that allows you to feel the positive energy inside the stone.

And since it’s associated with heart chakra, make sure you wear it the best ways as brooch, beads, pendant or as necklace.

Heart Chakra Healing

This beautiful green tourmaline stone centers its energies at specific place. The Heart Chakra which is locate near the breastbone’s center.

This position regulates human interaction with external world and controls what human embrace including what human resist.

In other words, it gives human which includes you and I the balancing ability to be the true self within the environment that we live.

When our Heart Chakra is not in balance, we may feel few symptoms like become too critical, in controlled or controlling a relationship.

That’s why we need the help from green tourmaline to re-balance our Heart Chakra and to resolve the blockages.

With this stone, we can have better understanding of our own emotions and need. For any of us that are in relationship.

It is also a good deal because we can have clear understanding about the flows and ebbs of emotional relationship including the cyclic nature.

Stone To Enhance Creativity

If you have looked for a way to enhance your creativity since you may lack of it, choose green tourmaline instead of other stones.

With its energy, this stone can help you more inspired and develop your ideas to manifest your prosperity and abundance.

It’s started from the heart chakra which will be moving throughout your entire body just like your heart flows your blood to every part of body system.

That’s why this stone is often used by artists knowing that it has the advantageous amplifying effect.

More Uses from Green Tourmaline

Now that we have acknowledged few main uses and benefits of this stone. We should also continue by knowing more uses, the positive ones that should be taken into consideration.

• To attract success particularly because after you gain more creativity and inspiration
• To bring joy and clear sadness allowing you to have more joyful and happier life
• To relieve anxiety because you can feel stronger connection between your mind and heart
• To calm and balance energy started from the heart chakra
• To energize and nourish your life
• To strengthen nervous system
• To open your heart and feel the divine love
• To attract abundance
• To help you become kinder to others thanks to yang energy given by this stone that makes you more compassionate

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