Hematite Meaning – Healing Stone For Balancing

Hematite meaning
Hematite Stones

When you hear the about hematite meaning, you’ll soon relate it as a gemstone to balance your life whether it is body, mind and emotional. It’s one among well-known stones with healing powers that is so beneficial.

It can be found in several parts of the world including Brazil, Canada, USA, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Western Australia, Switzerland and Argentine. The name was originated from Greek which means blood. This name reflects the antiquity of the crystal.

Its antiquity can also be observed through the appearance in which it comes with the deep red color that resembles closely to color of the blood.

However, Hematite stone can also be in different colors like brownish, silvery metallic luster, grayish black and orange-red. The multi-color called rainbow hematite but it’s not natural.

Hematite Stone Properties

  • Hematite Meaning for Grounding and Balancing

Like most of the obsidian crystals, the hematite stone also carries a metaphysical power used for grounding. This energy strongly vibrates at the root or base chakra which is known for providing physical benefit to relieve the pain.

Metaphysical properties of hematite so powerful, it can also be used for balancing the energy and stimulating the mind. With its protective energy, it’s perfect for women especially those who are lack of courage.

This way, we can enjoy more balanced life and feel protected as well especially from any negative energy that can influence our life.

  • Boost Self Confidence and Logical Thinking

Do you know another secret behind the hematite stone meaning? Yes, it has the excellent benefit to help boost self-confidence, self-esteem and will power.

In the meantime, Hematite also helps to enhance memory which is great to help stimulating the mind for higher learning. No wonder, it’s often used to help student in technical and mathematics students.

Even more, Hematite stone provides assistance in development of one’s logical thought processes. With this, a person can develop their capacity including for those who already have a job. Now, it’s no longer a difficult thing to reach the highest possible capacity.

  • Hematite Meaning Mental Properties

This is the right stone to do mental organization knowing that it is so calming and grounding. As stated above how it helps with the logical thought process, it also works for daily purposes.

Emotionally, Hematite gemstone meaning decreases negativity and after it balances the body, mind and spirit connection. It’s also said to be able to help balance the meridians.

And if you are looking for stone for divination purpose, it is the proper stone as well. To get the benefit, you need to put the stone in such position so that it reflects the nearby lit candle’s flame.

And then, you need to stare relentlessly at the flame’s reflection and to think about any question that you need an answer to. This ritual may take few minutes to an hour so make sure to be patient.

Hematite Physical Healing

To know exactly how this stone may perform help to heal physical problems, acknowledge with chakra that works with it. In this case, it works with root or base Chakra. Thus, it is able to do healing for several physical issues as followed:

  • Broken bones
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Nervous problems
  • Reynayd’s syndrome
  • Blood disorders
  • Spinal alignment
  • Anxiety

Although the stone isn’t prescribed as medical healthcare but using it has been proven to be helpful to help the healing process completed quickly.

And since it has emotional and spiritual properties as well, it can do a whole complete function.

The Benefits from Hematite stone is a good thing to have particularly because it also helps with the aura. This way, the person can gain various benefits from spiritual, mental, emotional to physical benefits. With more balanced life, it’s much easier to focus in developing the future.

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