Kyanite Meaning -Types and Uses

kyanite meaning
Blue kyanite

Kyanite gemstone is aluminum silicate (Al2SiO5) which has Anisotropic properties. It has a hardness varying between 4-7 mohs scale depending on the direction of his cuts.

Word “ Kyanitemeaning is  blue that derived from Greek ” kyanos”, according to the most common color of this mineral on the market. But real stone is not only available in blue, there is also another colors like green, pink, and white, even orange (though fairly rare or hard to come by).

Blue Kyanite stone is rare in faceted as a gem and is usually presented with a cabochon shape. This is because the hardness is not evenly distributed in a Kyanite surface and prone to broken or damaged when through cutting process.

However, Kyanite stone was faceted successful in perfectly without any damage will have incredible beauty and colors, so it fulfill the criteria as a gemstone. The faceted Kyanite which has sold more than the value of Kyanite in plain form.

Blue Kyanite in the language of the mineral trade, it also known as the blue sapphire or sapphire Australia. Because of the Blue Kyanite possessed identical to that of the blue sapphire. And Kyanite are usually available in the market are imported from Australia.

Many events in the gemstone trade, regarding the term “Australian sapphire” which usually leads to misunderstandings between buyers and sellers. A gem lover want to buy a blue sapphire stone, but sometimes he is not get blue sapphire.

But blue Kyanite is sold with the label “blue sapphire Australia”.  This happens because the lack of knowledge the buyer about gemstone and trade terms used in buying and selling.

Blue Kyanite is a beautiful gem that became known since 1789 with a variety of colors, though the world famous gemstone color is blue. Kyanite from Brazil usually has blue and green colors. And recently also discovered orange Kyanite in Tanzania.

Kyanite minerals scattered in various places in the world from Nepal, Tibet, Austria., Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania and Australia.

Type Of Kyanite And Meanings

Here are several types of kyanite gemstone colors and their meanings;

  • Black Kyanite meaning is cleaning the chakras from negative energy.Which inhibits the flow of positive energy throughout the body. Generate energy balance on the entire main chakras.
  •  Orange Kyanite stone meaning associate with things that are sacred, especially masculinity of a man. This stone increases sexual desire, increase libido. help cleanse sex chakras.
  • Green Kyanite gemstone meaning is balance, harmony with nature. Love compassion drive,and help respiration.
  • Blue Kyanite meaning is to help awaken supernatural abilities,improve the things that are very closely related to the spiritual.

Kyanite meaning is closely related to spiritual matters. Therefore this gemstone is considered as the bridge to connect the spiritual and physical. Kyanite gemstone also has significance as a healing stone.

Where this blue stone will helps find the ability to create and self-potential consequences, improve rational and logical thinking and self-awareness.

The Kyanite stone also very good for meditation, uniting all major chakras, creating a sense of calm and peaceful heart, throwing stress, improve communications, particularly revealing the stored expression.

Kyanite meaning will improve movement of the body, particularly associated with an expertise, great for thyroid and parathyroid gland, upper lungs, jaw and arm, diseases of the neck, throat and vocal cords.

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