Labradorite Stone Meaning- Most Popular Stone In Divination Practice

labradorite stone meaning
labradorite stone meaning

Labradorite stone meaning believed as high regards by ancient people, and it is still the same even now.

Labradorite is a stone surrounded with myth, and thus holding special meaning when it comes to self-discovery, especially related to psychic abilities. This is also a popular stone among people who practice divination.

Whether you believe in Labradorite meaning and magical power or not, it is how this jewel looks which ultimately brought its popularity, Labradorite jewelry is beautiful and one of a kind.

Is the Labradorite meaning stays the same after all this year? Labradorite is a type of gemstone which has a very distinctive looks even among all other gemstone.

The most usual of this gemstone has a bluish color, but there are also other types of Labradorite which has a golden or yellowish color; which is rarer and usually priced much more expensive than the blue one.

Labradorite gemstone was found around 1700s in Canada, the name comes from the place where it was first discovered, the Labrador Peninsula.

Since the first time it was found, this gemstone is believed to hold a special magical power and many also believed that it has the power to wards off evil.

Metaphysical Meaning

What magic power does this piece of gemstone hold? And what does this Labradorite jewel actually gives to you?.

Labradorite metaphysical uses are various such as it gives you a clear peace of mind, it holds the power of positivity, and it will negate all the negative energies around you.

The power its hold is not limited to that, though since there are more magical properties it holds than what you can imagine.

In addition, Labradorite gemstone or jewelry has beautiful appearance and many collectors around the world willing to spend their money just to buy this stone.

The other thing that this gemstone can do is to balance your mind, in which it will allow you to clearly see what happen in front of you.

Labradorite stone gives you that sense of anticipation on whatever things that might comes in your way in the future.

If you are ever stuck on something or are currently facing a difficult crisis, Labradorite jewel can gives you the ideas and solution that you need.

Labradorite metaphysical meaning is to innovate and to anticipate your entire problem, no wonder some people called it “a stone of magic”.

Spiritual meaning

Labradorite spiritual meaning is probably not popularly known across the globe especially for the common public, but for the avid gemstone and jewel collectors, it is very clear and sought after.

Labradorite stone is believed to hold a spiritual power, it is said that owning this stone will gives you the power of innovation.

It gives you a new perspective on how you can tackle your problems and how you can make your life better; in other words, it will make you thinks clearly and positively.

Since long time ago, people believe that possessing Labradorite will healing uses mind out of trouble.

All color types of Labradorite gemstones hold the same spiritual power, this jewel can sooth your mind out of confusion, guide you out of trouble and gives you a clear mind on every kinds of situation you are in.

It is also said that Labradorite gemstone generates innovative mind and new ideas, it can helps you find that solution which you are looking for.

It can also help you anticipate on whatever situation you might be involved in the future.

This stone is also able to give you the positivity out of all possible encounter and incidents which might happen while also stimulating your mind to adapt in a new environment.

All in all, Labradorite spiritual meaning is not the only things that makes this jewel very popular, you can also find a lot of stunningly beautiful decorations and jewelry made using this gemstone.

 Meaning in Western and Eastern Worlds

 The beautiful and brilliant labradorite holds special meaning for people in both Western and Eastern cultures.

In Chinese feng shui, such as, the meaning of labradorite stone is always related to water, thanks to its brilliant blue color.

Water is a very special element in Chinese feng shui – a power that is flexible and formless yet relentless and adamant.

Labradorite is often associated with flexibility yet endurance in living. It also teaches people to be more accepting in life, but without giving up.

In Western world, labradorite meaning is  a great birthstone for people who are born in late February, close to spring.

The blue color represents rebirth, hope and new life, which is great to encourage optimism and positive feeling.

It is actually has a relation with the labradorite gemstone meaning in Eastern tradition; water is  an important element to support life and growth, and thus becoming an important symbol in new hope, fresh ideas, creativity and self-discovery.

 In overall, labradorite is a stone that represents strong water element. Water considered a lively, powerful yet flexible element.

It can be anywhere, it can be found anywhere even inside animals, plants and human bodies. When poured, it actively seeks its way to adapt and adjust with its container or ground around it.

Thus, labradorite stone meaning has a close relationship with its elements. The meanings of labradorite stone are new life, hope, flexibility, creativity, acceptance, self discovery, peacefulness and even divine or psychic abilities.

Stone Legends

Labradorite legend originates from Inuit belief about Aurora Borealis; while we know Aurora Borealis as a natural occurrence that can be explained by science.

The Inuit holds beliefs about Aurora Borealis as a door made of frozen fire that separates the world of the living and mysterious realms where divine beings live.

Labradorite stone meaning regarded magical that the stone falls once in a while when Aurora Borealis happens.

This makes labradorite regarded a sacred stone, and it is often used as amulet and charm by shamans to create connections between themselves and the divine beings, who will then send them messages and inspirations to deliver for those that need guidance.

From here, labradorite continues to be rewarded as the symbol of divination, psychic power, inspiration and self-discovery.

There is also other Inuit legend that described a brave warrior, who accidentally struck a labradorite with his spear and created beautiful Northern Light (Aurora Borealis) from the impact.

Therefore, Labradorite stone is also believed a source of inspiration and bravery that produces great ideas.



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