What is Labradorite Stone Properties ?

Labradorite Stone Properties
Labradorite Stone Properties

Labradorite stone properties bring positive results for both physical and mental aspects, and often used in meditation, healing and feng shui.

Many stones are regarded as powerful divination and magical properties, but not many as high as labradorite.

This stone is even believed by the Inuit as a result of Aurora Borealis, so you can imagine how powerful the properties of this stone are.

Labradorite is one of few stones that the bringer of psychic power and intuition. However, it is also regarded a stone with strong water element that has powerful effects on both physical and mental aspects.

And even if divination or psychic power is not your thing, the stone still has great properties to bring out the best elements in everyone’s physical and mental abilities, especially in facing various challenges and life difficulties.

Labradorite Is Healing Stone

 As a blue stone, Labradorite stone healing properties for physical health are strongly associated to respiratory and circulation health.

This stone is often used as a part of alternative healing to cure health conditions related to lungs, throat, digestion and metabolism.

In addition, since this is a blue colored stone that is generally regarded calming, labradorite also has good properties in curing eye conditions caused by too much exposure on electronic devices with screen.

Many health problems are caused by stress and anxiety, such as health problems related to body immune system like cold, influenza and canker sores.

In this case, labradorite stone is great to cure stress, anxiety and insomnia. It allows you to keep your body healthy by eliminating the feeling of stress and anxiety.

Why you should wear labradorite?

 A blue colored stone, including labradorite, can bring many positive properties. For example, all blue colored stones are regarded an effective stress reliever.

Therefore, the stone is great for people who live under stressful conditions every day. Such as for those who live in big cities or have high-risk jobs or responsibility levels.

Furthermore, this stone also helps in restoring emotional and mental health that has been drained by the stress and demands of modern life.

In deeper level, labradorite stone meaning are related to intuition, memories, understanding, knowledge and deeper wisdom.

These qualities are very important in creating a healthy life and mental condition.

Helping people to become more understanding and contemplating when facing conflicts, and not getting carried away easily with emotions and anger.

This is the reason why you should wear labradorite everyday.


 As a blue colored stone, labradorite stone properties are mostly related to things such as hope, new life, patience, wisdom, knowledge, calm mind, and understanding.

This stone is a great property to help people gain balance in life, not get away too easily with stress and emotions.

Help self to be more grounded and calm, and teach people to use their inner wisdom and intuition more than emotions and temper.

In the end, this is a good stone to gain infinite wisdom and deeper knowledge, to balance and improve life quality even in the middle of crisis.

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