Never Underestimate The Influence Of Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis Lazuli meaning is a beautiful blue stone that bring self-awareness, enlightenment and to open the mind to all astral possibilities. This gemstone is widely known for its purifying and healing abilities.

The metaphysical properties of Lapis lazuli stone is  great when needing to  open up and cleans our Chakras. I would urge you to wear it if you enjoy this stone, but not a whole necklace of it – that’s too much power. Use your specific enjoyment of the stones to guide you.

Lapis lazuli  stone meaning  very special for those who born in the month of December. It is a Birthstone for december . This stone must be first choice when you find many related December birthstone information out there. This gemstone will be the lucky stone  in many condition for December birth.

The blue color symbolizes the sky, which has a high significance spiritual meaning. It will help them calm, focus and cut anger, so they can concentrate easily.

Lapis Lazuli meaning as spiritual attunement is important if going to be one of the leaders in the new age. It has a specific healing application that is very good.

A lapis stone meaning on a pendant long enough to reach the solar plexus area would be very, very beneficial. It can help stimulate your dreams; if you want to remember them.

Try a Lapis lazuli cabochon under your pillow, dreams are not  automatic, but the it will help.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning
Lapis Lazuli stone

Lapis Lazuli Facts

The Chemistry of lapis lazuli stone  is (Na, Ca) 8 (AI, Si)12O24S2 FeS CaCO3AI2O3 Sodium,calcium with hardness  5-6 mohs scale.

It came from Latin words, lapis and lazuli. In words, Lapis meaning is stone and lazuli meaning is blue. It a blue stone with golden or yellow spots.

The best type of this gemstone on the planet comes from Afghanistan, though it is rather rare now, look at the color – a blue-purple is what you are looking for.
Many people likes this stone that has quite a bit of the “fool’s gold” (pyrite)in it. This just makes it a little more potent.

This fool’s gold seems to add a dimension to the lapis, a characteristic that is helpful. In the ancient days,this was use as a medicine . They  grind it up into powder and put  in a water and drink it.

Lapis lazuli stone is a profound blue semi-valuable stone that has been prized since relic for its serious color. It may surprise you to see present in the highest triangle,but it is a very rapidly developing stone.

Lapis lazuli meaning very important in the New Age, for several reasons;

  • The first is its color. That beautiful clear blue indicates an application of the second ray and some seventh ray. Sometimes this stone has almost a purple cast. It is a very beautiful stone.
  • Second, it is not crystal. It is usually worn as a cabochon, a cut stone that has a rounded top to it and is worn in rings and pendants. Sometimes it is use in its natural state, that is a good way to get it.
lapis lazuli stone meaning
lapis lazuli stones

Now, diamonds are fine with it, if you want to be very fancy. I prefer them alone, but the diamond is the best compliment. Don’t use anything else. This is true of emeralds, also. If you want to put Lapis lazuli stone with a few diamonds, that is all right. But don’t use rubies, sapphires, pearls or synthetics with it because it takes away the potency of the stones.

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