Lapis Lazuli Properties-The Most Reputation As Ancient Gemstone

lapis lazuli properties
Lapis Lazuli Properties

Lapis Lazuli properties can help you see things clearly and remove all the negative thought. Because this is one of the most powerful stones in existence, you should be extra careful when wearing it.

The ancient cultures believed that lapis lazuli was a symbol of truth, faith, and wisdom. Not only using lapis lazuli as the reliever of negative minds, people in ancient days ground the stone, mixed it with water, and drank it as medicine.

Having its reputation as ancient gemstone, Lapis Lazuli is exceptionally pricey. This type of stone has long history in the ancient Egyptian cultures and ancient Greeks.

The people valued Lapis Lazuli properties very highly, and often incorporate the stone to their ritual. Lapis lazuli is also often known as the stone of royalty, resonating the inner energy of kings and queens, helping you relieve anger and negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli is derived from ‘Lazur’, a word in ancient Persian history, meaning ‘blue stone’. This meaning is correlated with the stone’s color that is always lovely blue.

Physical Properties 

Lapis lazuli properties can be seen physically; the stone is a combination of several mineral contents, including lazurite, calcite, pyrate, and other little contents of minerals.

You can see that this stone is commonly found in Afghanistan and Myanmar. The powerful intense blue color emits truth and enlightenment, as well as calming.

The price of lapis lazuli will be even higher along with the intensity of the blue color. Sometimes the blue color also comes with cabochon fleck white and gold color, some also have almost purple cast.

The stone has hardness level between 5 to 5.5, and believed to stimulate wiser judgment and intellectual analysis in practical world.

Lapis Lazuli Properties activate the wearer’s intellectual ability to understand the truth, and improve the memory.

As a symbol of truth, Lapis Lazuli also encourages honesty for all form of communication, bringing harmony in your relationship.

Healing Properties

The ability of Lapis lazuli healing properties is never regret. Lapis lazuli are highly connected to the calm energy and related to cosmic wisdom.

This is where people argue that this stone helps align the truth and integrity, with strong royal presence, and mysterious element.

Because of its connection to cosmic energy, some people also believe that lapis Lazuli gives them protection in both psychic and physical ways against negative traits.

Some also relate this stone with ability to reach success, intelligence, and balanced innate spirit that affect one’s overall quality of life.

The emotional properties also brings you better communication ability, carries out truthfulness and clarity and helps you do and say the right thing.

Lapis lazuli properties are also believed to strengthen your mind, improve creativity, and organize your life in a better way.

These emotional components encourage your courage and confidence, making everything possible and helping you deal with trauma, depression, and stress.

Not only bringing huge benefits in your mental issues, it also believed to heal several physical diseases such as headache, cancer, autism, seizure, sleep disorders, improve fertility, improve body strength, and others.

In addition, as Lapis Lazuli is related to brow and throat chakras, the wearer will be able to feel strong synergy and balance of body, mind, and soul.

Metaphysical Properties

Lapis lazuli metaphysical properties will promotes your wish and transcendental capabilities; this can be a crucial for spiritual achievement.

It’s really a effective idea amplifier by revitalizing greater thought process and inspiring imagination. It particularly shows the effectiveness of the verbal concept.

A relationship gemstone in love and relationship, it delivers integrity and balance to struggle. Lapis Lazuli is actually a great vibration gemstone.

Lapis lazuli is informed to increase one’s attention, perception and intelligence. It is known to share historical expertise and knowledge to it’s owner, the skills taking along with it calmness, objectivity and self acceptance.

Lapis is also associated with Jupiter and for that reason increases the intelligence, understanding and management qualities and also assisting in legitimate issues that came up.

The jewel functions as a guard from psychic assault. It can be helpful to alleviate sleeping disorders and ignore stresses.

Lapis Lazuli is decided by Jupiter and supports in controlling and detoxing all the chakras. 

It aids in opening the third Eye and awaking your instinct and improve psychic ability, but suggested to use carefully if positioned right on the 3rd eyes, because it is a significant effective stone that work to open your spiritual eye .

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