Larimar Stone Of The Sea And Its Magical Power

larimar stone
Larimar Stone

Larimar stone is a perfect gift for anybody who loves the blue sea, this stone is said to be the representative of the sea.

People believe that this stone is not a regular gemstone and by wearing one, it may grant you a lot of positive effects.

What is Larimar Stone ?

The Larimar stone got its name from the one who first found it; he named the stone by combining the name of his daughter and the word “mar”; which means the sea.

The stone has a unique light blue color and spark; the pattern on the stone itself may vary between one gemstone to the other.

The Larimar stone is also very rare because there is only one place where you can find this gemstone; it is only available in the Dominican Republic.

Although the Larimar stone is supposed to represent the sea, this stone is created due to volcanic activity.

This stone is also known as the Atlantis stone, Stefilia’s stone, Dolphin stone, and the official blue pectolite.

Larimar Stone Meaning

Many jewel lovers believe that the Larimar stone meaning has magical power can grant you several positive effects, it is said that this gemstone has the power of the sea, and thus can give the wearer a relaxation of both the body and mind.

This stone is also believed to be a perfect gift for women due to its feminine nature and its soothing calmness also can negate negative feelings such as fear and trauma.

Larimar Stone Uses

The most prominent use of this stone is to be crafted into Larimar stone jewelry, accessories using Larimar stone is quite popular because it’s soothing blue color and the affordable price.

Today, a lot of Larimar stone accessories and decorations can be gotten cheaply. This beautiful blue colored stone can be found selling for under a hundred dollars, a perfect gift for your soul mate

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