Light Blue Gemstone Names and Meanings

Light blue gemstone names  derived from the paler shade of blue stone, which is often found in subtler natural elements such as summer sky, morning in sunny day and shallow water bodies that show the sunlight.

Blue is a color of life; it symbolizes a lot of things in the world from fresh water, cold landscape, sky, ocean, winter sky and dawn.These subtle elements hint philosophy such as forgiveness, acceptance to others and self, patience, mellowness, reconciliation and ability to deal wisely with guilt.

Therefore, light blue is an amazing gemstone color for those who deal with bitter aspects in life and want more open in dealing with it. Aquamarine is the most popular light blue gemstone names but sky blue topaz is valuable in the list.

Types of Blue Gems

light blue gemstone names

light blue gemstone

There are several light blue gemstones that have different names, and each has its own meaning and therapeutic qualities as well as philosophy, which can aid you through various life obstacles.

Here are several good examples of famous light blue gemstone names and their meanings:

Blue chalcedony

This is a type of quartz with subtle blue color and almost translucent surface, and has soothing soft shade. As the color suggests, the gemstone reflects calmness, quiet reflection and shooting quality for anxious or angry mind.

The soft color and translucent reflect gentle nature, generosity and compassion. In Native American tradition, this stone promotes balance and concentration in meditation.

Blue calcite

This is a type of crystal or gem with soft blue color, but with slightly richer hue than chalcedony. This stone promotes healing and restoration, especially when you feel imbalanced, not centered, and need to rebuild your trust and belief to someone or something bigger.

The slightly richer blue color is also a good color to increase the intention and spirit to become more honest and trustworthy.

Light blue opal

This stone is often regarded as the gemstone of change, which encourages the willingness to change toward the better self. The stone gives us courage to step outside the box in other to transform self into something bigger and more respectable.

Therefore, it is often associated with self-development and quest for a better spiritual life. This also means courage to change what’s bad in our relationships, love life and social life, by transforming our selves first.


This beautiful blue gemstone is a type of solidified crystal, which means the stone is regarded as balancer. This stone helps you to balance your life by giving you strength to get rid everything that becomes your emotional burden, and giving you calming energy afterward so you can let go.


This is also a stone known for its balancing function, helping you to get energy and ideas to get your life in track by making the most important priorities.

These light blue gemstone names not only show their characters, but also their meanings and functions in your daily life.

While reflecting so many good qualities, light blue gemstones meaning give subtler yet equally powerful spiritual qualities you need to have a balanced, peaceful and calm life full of acceptance, without any grudges or emotional burdens.

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