Best Lucky Stone For Aries And Meaning

lucky stone for aries
lucky stone for aries

When choosing lucky stone for Aries ,we must follow the properties of this zodiac sign and the stone.

It will make people who own the sign feel comfortable when wear the stone. When this state is obtained, then the energy of luck will flow perfectly.

Aries has the characteristics of being initiative and energetic, and they love adventure. Aries people have a natural quality of being a leader.

They like to be at the front, and they set a high standard for the team. It is easy for them to get bored.

Therefore, they love working with targets and deadlines. There are several kinds of Aries lucky stone that will support their personality.

List of Lucky Stone for Aries

The lucky stone for Aries will improve the quality of life of Aries people. Below are the stones that can add to Aries’ charms.


The Hindu Astrology has mentioned that Jasper is the Aries Birthstone. Jasper also has the role as the planetary stone of Aries and as the birthstone related to Mars, the planet that rules this passionate zodiac.

This lucky stone for Aries has the function to keep the positive and negative energy in balance.

Jasper also assists Aries to soothe their temperament, which is impatient and spontaneous.

Jasper comes in some different colors, including white, yellow, black, red, or green. Similar to Bloodstone, Jasper is one of the chalcedony ranges.

• Bloodstone

It is the Aries astrological birthstone. The old calendar of ancient Indian, Ayurvedic, old Arabic, Roman, Hebrew, and Polish had made bloodstone as the traditional birthstone of the third month, namely March.

As one of the lucky stone for Aries, it is believed that bloodstone has the ability to give more bravery and physical power.

As what this Aries Birthstone is called, bloodstone looks like blood spots. It is also often named heliotrope.

• Red Jasper

Besides Jasper, the Hindu Astrology has also mentioned red jasper as one of the birthstones of Aries.

As the color that brings luckiest for Aries, red indeed often appears as the color of common jasper.

Many believe that this lucky stone for Aries can increase determination for anyone who wears this red gemstone.

The stone will keep the spirit of Aries that is very useful especially when they are in the process of achieving certain goals.

• Diamond

Known as one of the birthstones of Aries as well as the Birthstone of the month of April.

This is identified in both modern western gemology and contemporary Hindu, the Polish, the Ayurvedic, or the ancient Indian calendar.

This lucky stone is often worn during war since diamond is believed to give safety and give victory in a war.

Aries is always closely related to aggressiveness as the name of the god who rules it, Aries, the god of war in the Greek mythology.

Diamond also gives excellent luck in common situations in addition to war. Diamond appearance is clear as water with various color options, such as green, yellow, black, and red.

• Topaz

As the talismanic birthstone of Aries, Aries people who wear Topaz believe that they will have supernatural powers. The talisman of Aries is often carved on this stone.

In Middle Ages, the talisman was usually carved on any kinds of yellow stones. Moreover, Topaz is also able to guard people from harms and this lucky stone for Aries increases the eyesight ability.

These are some of the birthstones that are believed as the lucky stone for Aries.

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