Just 3 Best Lucky Stone For Scorpio Should Wear

lucky stone for scorpio
lucky stone for scorpio

Topaz is the primary lucky stone for Scorpio that can bring ability for Scorpions to meet their greater power to make their life’s goals.

The secondary stone is Aquamarine and Ruby. Both these gemstone is the best choice as alternative birthstone for Scorpio zodiac sign.

As the 8th zodiac sign in our astrology, Scorpio is probably the most mysterious of all. The symbol of a scorpion itself represents danger with the element of water.

People who were born under Scorpio sign or between October 24 and November 21 have really magnetic charm and unique personality that can be their best asset.

Along with Pisces and Cancer, Scorpio is one of the most emotional zodiac signs, which have quite various birthstones identified since the old days. If you are a Scorpio person, wearing one of birthstone will help you improve your charm and uniqueness and make them as your valuable traits.

Wearing Lucky Stone for Scorpio and Implication

Lucky stone for Scorpio is various in types, as they can bring joy and happiness for the wearer. This particular zodiac sign is under influence of Pluto planet, and its acts as excellent negative energy absorber.

Just like Pisces, Scorpio is also highly associated with emotion and identification. Some positive characteristics of Scorpio are very determined, emotional, and focused.

However, people who were born under this zodiac sign tend to have sharp tongue, which is capable of hurting others’ feeling; they can be very possessive and jealous.

Best stone for Scorpio That Bring Luck

There are several birthstones compatible with this zodiac sign, but Topaz is considered long-lasting lucky stone that brings huge benefits for the wearer. However, you can see some stones compatible with Scorpio. They include:

Just like the other zodiac signs with water element, Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs with certain duality quality. Topaz brings great influence on Scorpio to the duality represented by the crawling scorpion and the flying eagle.

Topaz helps Scorpions to make their greater power to meet their life goals. This good fortune stone for Scorpio has inspiring properties that help you open your clarity of mind; promoting understanding and acceptance, awareness, keenness, creativity, and improving the feeling of sympathy that Scorpion often lacks.

When the Scorpions wear Topaz, it is believed that the stone will bring loyalty, faithfulness, and keep up your relationship. It can also improve strength and heal some diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, and sleeping disorder.


As a traditional birthstone for the month of October, this stone has green, blue, or turquoise color and it believed to open your vision and relieve mental problems such as anxiety and depression.

Aquamarine as one of lucky birthstone for Scorpio will works by stimulating your youth feeling, happiness, and joy. Aquamarine has a strong water element, and it is often called the “water of the sea”.

The stone is great to use in meditation, because it will bring you peace and serenity.


Regarded as one of the most precious gemstones; it comes the second after diamond and one of powerful lucky stone for Scorpio. This powerful stone is associated with many astral signs, and very beneficial for your love life and sexual life.

Ruby birthstone is believed to give peace and fight sleep disorder, as well as protection, vitality, and royalty.

The lucky stone for Scorpio can be highly used to improve the positive charms and remove negative personality traits of people whom born under this sign.

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