3 Types Lucky Stone for Virgo and Meanings

Lucky stone for Virgo is Sapphire. It will bring good fortune in every ways in their life. Not just money and health but in spiritual too. When Virgo people touch sapphire gemstone, it’s a time the power of sapphire will surrounding them. From all types of sapphire stone, the blue sapphire is the best Virgo lucky stone.

For every zodiac sign, there is also a lucky stone, which can support and improve one’s hidden quality and personality, and even enhance his/her overall quality of life. As for Virgo zodiac sign, you will see several types of gemstone that can actually support your personality and ability.

Virgo is the sixth in our zodiac sign, and a symbol for those who were born between August 24 and September 23. Virgo are known for their analytical ability and organization. The people with Virgo horoscope have earthy characteristic, just like its ruling element.

lucky stone for virgo

lucky stone for virgo

According to the Gregorian calendar, Virgo zodiac sign ruled by the planet of mercury. The lucky stones for Virgo are quite varied, from sapphire, carnelian, Peridot, and agate, but the prominent one is the sapphire, like i said before.

It’s believed that when people use lucky stone , they will be able to have guide into their better personality, relationship, and business.

Just like the other ‘earthy’ zodiac signs such as Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is also known for hardheartedness, famous for stability and practicality. The people are orderly, modest, analytical, and self-sufficient.

Because its symbol is earth, the most proper element to complement it is water, as the water will nourish the earth.

People, who  influenced by this zodiac sign symbolized by a virgin, are known to have high standard and they value money and their possession very highly.

Virgos sometimes can also be cold and stubborn, as they can also be intolerant. Wearing lucky stone , people can balance their negative traits and use them for the good purposes.

Here are the Virgo Lucky Stones;


Because Virgo is ruling by the planet of Mercury, the most precise stone to represent is Sapphire. Sapphire stone has unique properties, and beautiful crystalline structure, with several characteristics and abilities to bring positive influence for the wearer.

Sapphire in Virgo will bring sympathy and sincerity. It is also believed that the stone will clear your mind, give insight and show the truth. The stone can also serve healing properties by reducing inflammation, skin burns, and cancer.


Carnelian associated with warmth, communication ability and creativity. Virgo who wear the stone are also believed to be happier because it eliminates anxiety and fear inside your mind. In addition, this another lucky stone for Virgo is capable to fuel passion and wish of the wearer, make them less emotional and bring serenity.


Besides sapphire and agate, Virgo also respond to zircon. Zircon stone works as the talisman stone for this zodiac sign and it has magical properties to help the wearer with its beautiful colors.

This Virgo birth stone is known to bring peace of mind and serenity, and believed to attract wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

If wearing one of the best lucky stone above can help people overcome their fear. As Virgo also has a tendency to deliver destructive criticism, the stone can help them calm the mind, giving stability and clarity so they can cut the chance to hurt someone’s feeling.

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