The Popular Of Moonstone Healing Properties For Woman

moonstone healing properties
moonstone healing properties

Moonstone healing properties are very popular, because the stone can give large benefits for the wearer.

Moonstone, as the name implies, carries the energy of the moon. This particular stone is strongly connected with the power of the moon, which is also helpful to give a soothing reaction.

Highly beneficial for those who were born in June, moonstone is capable to improve one’s intuition, femininity, gracefulness, and receptivity.

Moonstone gives its wearer psychic ability and promotes spiritual awareness, happiness, unselfishness, and humanity.

This particular stone is also symbol of love, hope, and wisdom, and treat emotional issues to be resolved.

Besides being beneficial to bring emotional stability and emotional healing, moonstone healing properties also serve in physical level.

For those who have upper digestive disorders, it will be helpful to wear this stone as pendant necklace as it will ease your problem.

It has milky to white color, with translucent crystal part that is related to third eye chakra and solar plexus chakra.

As for the clearer ones, the moonstone is believed to be more powerful with stronger positive effect and healing properties.

This stone has its own uniqueness that is believed to calm your emotion down and soothe your anger.

Specially Benefits for Woman

Moonstone healing properties are also said to be the stone of women, because of its unique feminine quality that is very beneficial for women.

When it comes the physical benefit for women, this stone is believed to cut pre menstrual stress and relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Physically, moonstone is helpful in dealing with reproductive cycle, and balancing your hormone.

It has a great deal with hormonal changes. Still about its advantages for women, moonstone is also capable to promote healthier reproductive system; conception, pregnancy, and the baby delivery.

This stone is very convincing as women’s stone, because it was the gemstone of goddess Diana, and it embraces the good in nurturing and mothering.

This stone is very good to strengthen your inner and outer beauty, and helpful for spiritual growth.

As the stone of beauty, the moonstone healing properties also help to reduce the symptoms of degeneration, promoting the health of your skin, hair, and eyes.

The energy of the stone is capable to touch your inner balance, so you will have better harmony of inner beauty.

Properties and Its Origin

The number of moonstone is quite large, so the stone is considered not very pricey. The major sources of this stone are Sri Lanka and India, but several countries also have quite abundant stock of moonstone such as Brazil, US, and Australia.

Moonstone properties are highly related to its composition, which is a combination of Orthoclase and Albite. These two species belong to Feldspar group.

Not all moonstones have the same tone of color; some of them have more intense milky white color, and some others have clearer color tone.

With its abundant quality, the moonstone is quite popular among jewelry lovers, because the benefits are just great.

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