Why Moonstone Meaning Will Change Your Life

Moonstone meaning is Soothes stress, anxiety, help women’s hormones, balance yin and yang. Blue moonstone considered as sacred stone by the Indians and believed to bring good fortune.

 The ancient roman believed that the blue moonstone is trickle of moonlight. In Asia, moonstone considered the jewel of luck. The Arab culture, moonstone is a symbol of fertility. Many Arab women who have this gemstone will often hide the gemstone in their clothes, so that cannot be seen.

Moonstone is a gemstone that comes from Orthoclase Feldspar, a Silicate Aluminum Potassium is the most mineral abundant on Earth. This gemstone dull  and translucent with white milk  or bluish white.

Its called Moonstone because have a glow like the moon. This stone is susceptible to pressure and impact. It monolithic crystal system with hardness is 6 mohs scale . This stone comes from countries India, Sri Lanka, Australia.

This transparent gems, which has good vibrations with the number 4, also known as the Rainbow Moonstonebecause it can take color from its surroundings . Rainbow Moonstone called gem of the goddess Diana. Although it not really moonstone but people accepted it as one of them.

Rainbow Moonstone is gemstone that very personal jewel,  where this gem can say the soul of the person who wearing it. Demonstrate originality, people who wear them will not increase or decrease their personality.

This is why the moonstone called  excellent gem.  This gemstone very best for use in meditation to understand oneself.

Moonstone benefits useful for internal organs, eyes, arteries and veins. The properties of moonstone can also work against the entire Chakra and is for those who have cancer zodiac sign.

moonstone meaning
moonstone meaning

The Color Of Moonstone Meaning and Benefits

Moonstone colors has many variety like rainbow, peach, white, blue and grey.  Every color of Moonstone has its own meaning. The energy that flow from the colors of this gemstone will show the personality of people who wear the stone. Here they are meanings;

  • Rainbow Moonstone: The properties for Psychic protection, improve relationships.
  • Peach Moonstone: it use to Increase self-worth.
  • Gray Moonstone:It’s symbolize of love, interpersonal relationships, healing for women.
  • Blue Moonstone: It use to mind balancing, Focus and control
  • White moonstone: meaning is power of gods, bring pure energy and protection

 Moonstone Meaning and Metaphysical Powers

Moonstone has a gentle energy that can calm the mind. It is helpful to strengthen intuition and psychic perception for the users. Besides that this stone has a meaning that can improve creativity, feelings of affection for the couple and self-confidence.

rainbow moonstone meaning

Moonstone meaning linked with the Crown Chakra, the strength of this stone will shine to give psychic protection, strengthening the senses and cleaning the negative thoughts. The Metaphysical powers of this colorful gemstones is said to be able to give a good dream and make sleep more soundly.

Using  Moonstone jewelry is highly recommended for those who have cancer zodiac sign. Because this gemstone can improve on their patience so that the relationship with nature will be well established that will bring their lives running smoothly.

Moonstone Meaning Uses and Benefits

Use For Physical Healing

Moonstone meaning will activate and strengthen the pineal gland. It’s very good gemstone for women where it will improve the female reproductive cycle, help for the process of conception, pregnancy and childbirth, as well as cope with menstrual disorders balance the hormone cycle. It’s good for fertility.

Use  For Mental Healing

Moonstone meaning will help to release tension and stabilize emotions, give strength to survive, give a sense of optimism and hope. Besides that it will increase intuition and inspiration. This stone also give good emotional atmosphere, thus protecting from excessive sensitivity.

Moonstone provide energy that able to open self emotionally to enhance creativity, reduce negativity and turn it into positive energy. It’s good for love matter. In love affairs Moonstone help to increase compassion of a girlfriend and reunite lovers who have quarreled too.

Use For Spiritual

Moonstone will improve the functioning of Ajna chakra and the Crown chakra. It helps to cultivate inner strength and confidence.

Its gemstone also provides gentle energy but strong, so can connect with the natural rhythm. Provide feminine energy vibration, wisdom and reflective. Give strength to keep hope / faith.

The energy of Moonstone helps to strengthen the intuition and psychic perception to natural power. Rainbow effect that came from moonstone occurs from the light spectrum that gives a sense of clean and uplifting, provide protection on land and at sea.

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