The Power Of Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Regarded as the stone of beauty, Rainbow moonstone metaphysical properties believed by ancient community to bring the missing part of your soul. People in old days often used this particular stone as talisman thus helping to guide people. It is strongly believed to have the magical quality of the moon.

As beautiful and mysterious as the moon itself, moonstone gemstone owns the secrets of power that can potentially bring huge benefits for the wearer.

The metaphysical properties of Rainbow moonstone is capable to give travelers a form of protection, passionate love, and wisdom. Because moon is connected to cyclic rhythm, it is also believed that the moonstone greatly influences our behavior, attitude, emotional and spiritual growth.

moostone metaphysical properties
Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Ancient India people sanctified the stone since thousands of years ago. Meanwhile Old Roman used it as jewelry. The moonstone metaphysical properties lay within the structure and it is said to show its greatest magical power during the night. Particularly when the full moon appears because it will uplift the hope and improve your personality quality.

Type Of Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

We know that the moon is mostly white, but moonstone comes in a variety of colors. There are blue moonstone, grey moonstone, white moonstone, peach or yellow moonstone and rainbow moonstone. Each of the stone has its own uniqueness and different qualities.

For example;

  • Blue moonstone is prominent in balancing the focus in meditation, helpful to harmonize your emotional and spiritual energy.
  • The grey moonstone metaphysical properties allow the people to see ‘beyond’, make one perceives the unseen realms.
  • The white moonstone brings the energy of the moon in your hand, and improves your creativity and balancing the emotion.
  • The peach or yellow moonstone is capable to give a calming effect. It eliminates anxiety and fear inside your mind, and serves as a powerful emotional support for the wearer.
  • As for the rainbow moonstone, this particular type works as spiritual protection and removes all negative thought as well as trauma and depression.

About its relation to chakra, the moonstone metaphysical properties are associated with the Crown Chakra as the center of our spirituality.

This relation allows us to go beyond and expand our personal identification to the infinite, as the source of our faith, beliefs, and spiritual truth. This connects with the higher spiritual being to give us the goodness of physical, emotional, and intellectual balance.

The moonstone helps remove and cut all negative energy and serves as spiritual supplement where we can get the essence of our true existence. In divination, some people believe that when they dream about moonstone, which means danger is coming.

Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties

The Rainbow moonstone healing properties are also beneficial in physical healing. Because the moon itself is highly related to cyclic rhythm.

This stone strongly affects reproductive system, particularly in women, promoting fertility and eliminates menstrual problems.

Moonstone is a stone of new beginning that very powerful in balancing the hormonal system. People who have sleep disorder are also suggested to use this stone because it can treat insomnia.

In addition, moonstone properties enhances nutrients absorption. It also removes toxins from the body, treats digestive problems and eliminates fluid retention.

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