Onyx Stone Uses- The Most Attractive Gemstone

onyx stone uses
onyx stone uses

Onyx stone uses have been widely incorporated for various purposes since ancient days of Greek and Rome until today. Often related to the astrological signs of Capricorn and Leo. It also birthstone for December.

Onyx is one of the most attractive and most popular gemstones in existence. Its shiny colors make the stone a perfect material for jewelry or amulet.

Not only for its beauty, onyx stone is also well known for its powerful meaning and deep healing properties.

Onyx is an excellent stone used to help you release emotional blockages and eliminate your negative emotion. And bring you better ability to find your personal innate strength.

The onyx stone uses are also said to be very helpful to attract good fortune and beneficial to be used for relaxation.

Because it helps you to remove negative thought, you would be able to see things in a calmer state of feeling and allow you to see the good in people.

The stone is good for relaxation and meditation and assists you to face challenges in life, improve your energy particularly for those who feel exhausted and lack of energy.


The mineral makes up about 12% of the earth’s crust, and belongs to the Quartz family. Onyx stone has various colors, ranging from green, red, white, brown, yellow, to black, etc.

The onyx stone is included in the Chalcedony varieties, with fine texture, crystalline look, and texture of Quartz. The word onyx itself is derived from the Greek word, which means fingernail.

Some people believe that onyx stone comes from the fingernail that is Cupid cut off from the goddess Venus. And the fingernail fell to the earth then turned into onyx stone.

On old days, people or talisman often used this stone to help people find their new path and transform one’s life into more desirable state.

Healing Properties

The magical properties of onyx is said to be beneficial to protect one from dark magic spell and negative influences.

Onyx stone uses are often incorporated in healing rituals. It was believed to be capable to treat several skin diseases such as skin rash, sunburn, open wounds, etc.

Because onyx is highly associated with the goddess Venus, the stone also promotes your sexual organs, improving sexual desires, ease childbirth and promote happiness in your love life.

The stone is also advantageous in treating eye problems, helping cellular regeneration, and strengthening your bone structure.

In addition, onyx stone uses are very grounding, allowing you to have control over your mind and body, as well as controlling your emotion.

In general, the stone is excellent to use for athletes because it improves strength, endurance, and defense.

As for the emotional healing purposes, onyx has been known to balance and harmonize the physical and spiritual purposes.

The stone is associated with the first chakra, and often used as protection. It is also beneficial to treat addiction, such as for alcoholic.

It helps people to find serenity, repels negative and disturbing thoughts. Having the status as guardian stone, onyx will guide you when you are in dark places.

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