What is Opal Stone Meaning And Color Variations?

About Opal Stone

Chemistry: SiO2nH2O Hydrated silica with impurities.
Hardness: 5.5-5.6
Color:White, Black,Blue, multicolored .
Chakra: Varies according to color.
Meanings: Creativity, spontaneity, relationships,memory, happy dreams and changes.

Opal stone is  very unique in the gems kingdom. In Roman times, opal was sit next to emerald, the most valuable gem. The enthusiasm which opal arouses in artists and poets is not too extravagant.

White opal scintillate against a solid background, which is always light, either white or tinted some pale color. Opal is a hydrate of silica, consisting of from 90 to 95 of silica, and 5 to 10 of water. By reflected light it displays the most beautiful iridescent colors, green, yellow, red, blue, violet.

Opal is fine stones are extremely rare, and seldom large. This variety called the Harlequin opal. Golden opal is a term applied to that variety in which only one color, an orange-yellow, is present.

The largest opal known is in the Imperial Cabinet of Vienna. The precious opal (as opposed to regular opals) has the beauty, the reflected energy that called fire opal.

opal stone meaning

black opal

Opal Stone Variations And It’s Meanings

Opal stone meaning foster love, passion, loyalty, faithfulness,emotional expressiveness, warmth, spontaneity and dramatic ability. Opal also associated with peace, and consciousness.

The meaning of opal sometimes considered unlucky, but this is only because modern people fear their emotional side. Its a very emotionally responsive stone.

Opal come with many variation name and colors. Its make every opal stone meaning different with others . Here some popular opal;

  • Blue Opal is a type of gemstone for spiritual growth
  •  Black Opal  meaning promotes cosmic awareness and oceanic consciousness.
  • Boulder Opal stone meaning foster creativity and originality.
  • Fire Opal  meaning inspires dynamic energy and intensity.
  • Sonoma Opal stone meaning induces emotional stability.
  • White Opal  meaning enhances competency and efficiency.


blue opal stone meaning


The precious opal and the beautiful fire opal are very emotional stones. It is a rather brittle stone, not an especially stable one. It is not true that opals must be kept in water in order not to dry out.

lf they are properly created and processed, they do keep their beauty, their fire. Generally they put into cabochons.

Wearing Opal Stone And It’s Effects

Common opal doesn’t have any fire, so its energy is not the same. Black opals from Australia are quite rare and therefore quite valuable, but they are not right for spiritual use. They are not as evolved and just haven’t gotten it all together yet.

The Opal stone should not worn with anything except diamonds – or by itself. Diamonds will enhance it, but rubies, sapphires, pearls and amethyst are not right. These gems cause imbalance and cancel out the specific emanation that would allow a holistic application of its beauty.

As a healing stone or for spiritual attunement, opal stone meaning becomes imbalanced and then it acquires a bad reputation by being placed within a setting that is not conducive to its use.

Opal meaning is birthstone for October. Opal symbolism of loyalty. It will make people who born on October faithful to couples, friends. So they are easy to adapt to the people around them.

The Source Of Opal Stone

Opals may come from Australia, Mexico or the United States. Some of the most beautiful, valuable and evolved stones are the Mexican ones, but generally they are not as spiritually attuned in their evolution.

It is generally accepted that Australia’s opals are some of the very best. It is their fire and the range of their fire that indicates their spiritual attunement. Some have green, some blue, some violet, but I like the multicolored stones.

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