Pink chalcedony meaning

pink chalcedony meaning
pink chalcedony stone

Another variety of opaque Chalcedony is the Pink Chalcedony, cryptocrystalline Quartz with its deep meaning. The family of Chalcedony itself comes in a wide variety which includes Flint, Onyx, Jasper, Agate, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Sardonyx, Chrysoprase, and the Tiger Eye.

Pink Chalcedony Stone Meaning

Pink chalcedony may not be much different from other types of chalcedony stone, but this gemstone’s pink color will help much in nurturing our body energy.

The pink crystal refers to the one with a soft pink color that is simply perfect to be made for jewelry, especially for women. Typical like other crystals, this one carries certain metaphysical properties which allow it to deliver beneficial uses and purposes for humans.

It’s no wonder that it becomes so popular and demanded worldwide. In this article, we will see deeper and further about this beautiful crystal.

Pink Chalcedony Spiritual Meaning

Each crystal carries spiritual uses as well as this pink chalcedony crystal. Centuries ago, it was considered a sacred crystal among the Native American Indian people and used for various spiritual ceremonies.

Its strong metaphysical properties were believed to be able to help bring energy of goodwill and loving kindness. That’s why it’s called as the Stone of Brotherhood meaning it is capable to strengthen the connection and relationship between members of the groups.

In spiritual communication, it assists by balancing the energy of body, mind and spirit to do good communication. It makes the crystal a beneficial one to be used by healers or cleanser because they need to be balanced when doing their work.

The Healing Properties Of Pink Chalcedony

One of the pink chalcedony meaning is the ability to healing physical problem. The power of this gemstone is able to cure many illness. Wear one pink chalcedony gems in the part your body will help change bad Aura to the good. See the list of the benefits below:

  • Boost human’s immune system
  • Stimulate human’s lymphatic system
  • Assist to reduce the symptoms of senility and dementia
  • Assist in harmonizing blood pressure and body temperature especially when having fever
  • Fortify heart, bones, blood, gallbladder, circulatory system and spleen
  • Increase the physical energy and stamina
  • Heal open sore and eyes related health problem
  • Foster the maternal instinct of mothers

The Benefits of Wear Pink Chalcedony

Pink Chalcedony provides another benefit which is to help nurture energy. This positive energy is important as it contributes to the encouragement of feelings of inner peace and empathy.

When one has this energy, a strong one, he/she will be more encouraged to help others and to learn more new things. Of course, it’s a good thing for employees and aid workers. Not only does it support work but also promotes self-love.

Some people lack it and consider themselves to be not good enough that they end up hating themselves. This is another pattern leading to self-destruction that should be blocked.

More Positivity 

Like most crystals with metaphysical properties, this pink chalcedony meaning absorbs the negative energy that one has and then dissipates it. This kind of energy leads to negative behavior that is certainly unwanted. When negativity is removed and blocked, depression will not be around anymore while emotional stability will fulfill life.

This stability is really important to promote feelings of trust and reassurance, especially for those who go through such hard times as children whose parents divorce or children who need to integrate into a new family. For certain people, this situation is hard to face.

Great for New Mothers

First-time mothers often face difficulty and feel depressed due to changes in the environment and more responsibilities to handle especially during breastfeeding. Some of them also feel trauma and shock, an emotional issue that is often called baby blues.

When this happens to them, they usually lack the feeling of self-love. That’s exactly when the properties of pink chalcedony stone come to give help. Not only does it help mothers emotionally, but also protects the newborn baby from any possible harm.

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