5 Popular Pink Gemstones Names And Their Meanings

There are some pink gemstones names available  and its look very beautiful.  Most of them make as jewelry like ring, necklace and earring. Pink color gemstone love by many people.

The price variable depending on type of gemstones. If we choose precious stone like pink sapphire, it will cost much but semi-precious stone like rose quartz will cost less .

Gemstones in pink is a very feminine . It exudes softness and feminine energy. The radiance comes from combination between red and white; the red hue is softened by white, which means that the passion and fiery feeling softened.

Natural pink gemstone brings the same feeling and properties to the color associated. Pink gemstones meaning is a great source for better life related to joy, love and affection, symbolized with gentle affection energy that is softer from fiery red.

When you choose pink gemstones , you should know the meaning before you pick one as a stone that you feel the most compatible with your life goal.


pink gemstone names

pink gemstone

There are so many gemstone in pink color, but only some of them very popular. Below here some of pink gemstones names that very beautiful and you should know about it.


Kunzite is a beautiful stone with mostly red hue, although there are other hues such as lavender. Pink Kunzite variations mostly have gentler hues than red or violet stones.

This stone is often considered as a stone that is more compatible for women than men.The stone regarded as the greatest ‘female stone’ and exudes romance, love and affection.

Kunzite is also related to intimacy and sensuality, but without the lust and fiery passion of the red color. Kunzite is most popular pink gemstones names that know as love stone.

However, kunzite also has special attributes. The love attributed with the stone is not just about between couples, but also the greatest Love between one self and the Divine being.

This type of love is very universal and wide, and it helps you to develop profound love for all living beings – humans, animals and plants.


 Another highly recommended pink gemstone is morganite.This is a stone that  related to love between families, friends and husbands or wives.

Morganite is more related to wider scope of love, and it also has attributes related to care and determination in providing endless love. This is a good stone to have if you work in the fields that need sincerity and unconditional love such as social field.

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire is the top in pink gemstones chart.Traditionally, sapphire is a stone associated with wisdom. However, pink sapphire is about wider scope of love and acceptance.

The love, affection, and acceptance related to the pink sapphire.  It connected to open-mindedness, which in turn leads to acceptance toward everything that is beautiful and joyful in the world.

This makes you feel more appreciative toward positive and beautiful things in the world. In turn, this will make you feel happier when experiencing life.

Rose Quartz

Another name of beautiful light pink gemstones names is rose quartz. Rose Quartz is a pink gemstone that really represents the beauty of feminine love.

This stone is really a representative of passion and affection, as well as unconditional love.The romantic feeling emanates from rose quartz, however, is not just for women or connected to passionate love.

Rose quartz gemstone meaning is a stone that can soften the heart when experiences negative feeling such as anger, jealousy and rage. This is a stone that really makes you a better person.


Finally, umbalite is the last name of pink gemstones list that i put in chart , because this is a perfect stone for closure. The soft color of this stone not only represents affection, but also provides acceptance and sincerity when one finally makes peace with a bitter past.

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