Pink Tourmaline Meaning

Behind the true pink tourmaline meaning, there lies the secret of beautiful energy vibrating within the thymus chakra and the heart chakra.

This vibration is the reason why this beautiful gemstone can bring influx of joy, happiness and love into anyone’s life including yours.

When you kind of feel stressed, dejected or even lacking of interest in life, pick and wear this lovely crystal.

The metaphysical properties of pink tourmaline will boost your mood and help your emotional feeling to be better.  Eventually, it will also result in more passion for living your life to the fullest.

Don’t worry, this is not only for women but also men. With various shades of pink from light to darker, the options are not limited.

If you born on October, you are lucky people because pink tourmaline was chosen as October birthstone. All the benefits of this stone is yours.

pink tourmaline meaning
pink tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline Keeps Love Energy

The foremost that is so well-known from this beautiful crystal is its ability to keep the love energy within one’s life. This way, you can get tremendous positive energy for your emotional healthy.

It’s perfect to give this stone as gift to your loved one. Giving it as gift is like hoping that your love relationship will last to the future.

When the two of you decide to use this crystal especially if you use it close to heart chakra which was located near the breastbone, both than can feel always encouraged about the love that you two have.

For women, it’s lovely to use it as pendant for necklace. Or, you can also wear it as earrings because this can help to enhance your ability in stimulating the Divine love’s growth.

Heals Disorder

Have you known that this pink tourmaline gem holds another essential meanings? What about its ability to help heal skin disorders?.

Yes, it’s a widely known fact and has been proven that pink tourmaline meaning has healing power.

Aside for skin disorder, it can also help you to overcome weakness problem like lack of balance of tendency to fall.

Someone who is undergoing serious recovery from heart related health problems can also take benefit from this crystal including if he or she suffers from angina.

How could that possible? Well, it’s because it works from the heart chakra. During the recovery process, it also helps cure the emotional body.

For Spiritual and Emotional Healing

Lots of problems both physical and emotional are often caused by the changes in the earth energy.

These issues can be healed by any tourmaline crystal like black , green,  blue or watermelon tourmaline but the pink tourmaline stone offers more benefit to heal the emotional problems.

Every time you feel stressed or tense, this stone allows you to be more relaxed and at ease.

Meanwhile, since it carries the yin vibration or feminine vibration, it helps to kindle feelings of comfort, hope, love, joy and also humor that can make your whole life more joyful.

This extraordinary crystal is helpful to cleanse the destructive feeling embedded in your life and also cure old wounds that have accumulated over this time.

It’s like it helps to recover the numb emotional feeling into a passionate one. So, if you ever dislike yourself or your life and even hate it.

This pink tourmaline meaning properties will get rid of such feeling and let you to be more courageous to happily live your life.

As pink tourmaline meaning reflects the light of love and heart, it gives the ability to balance yourself within the environment especially when it’s related to a relationship.

Its vibration stimulates the crown chakra before it merges with thymus and heart chakra.

At the same time, you will feel more empowered including spiritually since you have allowed the Divine love to help guide the life you live.

With this kind of emotional and spiritual advantage, it’s no wonder that you will make better changes in your life.

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