Ruby Meaning – The most Love and Power symbolize

ruby gemstone meaning
ruby stone

Ruby Gems symbolize the heart. Ruby meaning are Love and power . Rubies are one of the world top four most precious stone. The other three stones are Sapphires, Emerald and Diamond.

Which is why ruby stone value is placed very highly since a long time ago and this modern world.

Ruby is very beautiful to looks at, has a distinctive spark and it shines is worthy for a king. The king in the past always put a ruby gems on their crown to show their wealth and power.

Besides that, it is also used as a need to marry a princess to symbolize love and lust.

Many person wants to have this jewel, but only a small fraction of them can. This piece of gemstone is very rare and not easy to come by, it is a rare beauty, and it explain the hefty amount of money you will need to spend to get yourself a piece of ruby jewelry or decoration.

Ruby Mystical Power

Ruby meaning in English is a bright red jewel or gemstone, the word “ruby” itself comes from a Latin word for “red”.

As the name implies, ruby gemstones spark a reddish color, and the value of each jewels are seen thought the brightness of each pieces.

The ruby will get more expensive if its shine brighter. There are others rubies type that also rare and expensive like ruby zoisite and star ruby.

The most expensive ruby today is the Sunrise Ruby; the 25.59 carats ruby is priced for a staggering 19.5 million Pounds.

Ruby can also be used for different things, aside from jewelries and a decoration, few people knows that ruby actually holds spiritual meaning and magic properties.

Since ancient times, people believe that ruby has the power to heal physically and spiritually.

This jewel is said to be able to heal someone of physical exhaustion, it stimulates your physical energy and repels your exhaustion by circulating your physical energy.

Ruby is also used to heal someone of his spiritual problems. It gives you happiness and wards off your fear. Which is probably why ruby is said to be a stone of leadership.

Ruby is still as valuable as it was since a long time ago. Unfortunately, this gemstone is also as rare as it was too.

How to Care ruby stone

There is nothing special in how to care for a ruby gems. Another thing to note is storage, because this stone has a high value and very beautiful.

In storage should be wrapped with a soft cloth or cotton in a box that encompasses. This is done so as not easily scratched. To clean simply use soapy water  and does not need the use of chemicals.

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