Red Aventurine Gemstone Meaning:The Secret Power Inside

Have you seen a Red Aventurine? If you haven’t, you’d be so lucky having it once knew about its great meaning behind this gemstone. Physically, this stone comes with reddish color and tiny white spots all over the stone. Its unique yet beautiful physical appearance hides great benefits that can be enjoyed by anybody.

This remarkable crystal performs physical, emotional and mental healing that leads to balanced and more joyful life. By helping ourselves to focus our energy to get things done and revitalizing physical body, we can get flow of prana increased. Eventually, it leads to more successful life.


Red Aventurine Healing Properties

  • Chakra healing

Each crystal works with certain healing and red aventurine stone itself works with the root or base chakra.This chakra is the one located at the base of our spine. This position allows the chakra to control the movement, and kinesthetic energy while being the foundation of spiritual and physical energy. Usually, the crystal works and performs benefit when we manifest out of balance symptoms both physically and spiritually.

Physical symptoms include low enthusiasm, low activity level, need for a constant stimulation and lethargy. Meanwhile, the spiritual symptoms include the feeling of disconnected from reality, feeling flighty and feeling distant.

red aventuring meaning
Red Aventurine

When one of the symptoms takes place, the crystal clear the negative energy and balance our body, mind and spirit. Usually, it leads to more stamina and strength before enjoying spontaneous leadership and independence.


  • Help Arrange Future

Red aventurine meaning will help in process of balancing body, mind and spirit, this crystal delivers another benefit. It’s related to helping us in choosing the best and highest path.

This way, we can develop our ability in perceiving the best ideas and plans to follow and which ones to avoid. This way, we can arrange better for our future. It allows us to see the real us and personality which makes us more forgiving including the mistakes we make.

Red Aventurine gemstone meaning also lends help to prevent having fears or so that no matter which path we choose, we will still face and go through it bravely.


  •  Reduce Negativity

One thing that often prevents us from moving forward and living our life is negativity. It doesn’t do anything good to our lives. That’s why the power of red aventurine is needed.

Red aventurine properties said to be able to help reduce negativity and encourage positivity. With it, our ability to enhance creativity and prosperity and to see possibilities will also be encouraged.

Knowing that this is a crystal of manifestation, it can draw upon elements of the Earth and Fire. When the negativity is blocked, subsequently we have our mental alertness and vitality boosted. Then, this will amplify our desire to take on any life’s challenges with courage, perseverance and determination.

Reduced negativity also means better life and more confidence and excitement especially toward new desires, goals and projects.


  • Physical Healing

Now that we have acknowledged both emotional and spiritual healing with this crystal, let’s continue to see the physical healing of red aventurine . Apparently, red aventurine is not only stunning on its look but also health benefits. It provides various health benefits that are so advantageous such as:
• To stimulate the production of red blood cell in bone narrow
• To provide balance for anyone suffer from auto-immune disorders
• To enhance blood circulation and blood flow
• To speed metabolism
• To help reducing the cholesterol
• To adjust the low blood pressure
• To adjust irregular heartbeat
• To relieve the hemophilia and radiotherapy’s side effects
• To remove toxins
• To support reproductive system both in men and women
• To increase libido
• To aid in fertility
• To calm the nerves
• To balance blood pressure
• And to also help body to burn fat efficiently

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